Discipline will also lead you in a positive direction!
Do you have BIG dreams?
Do you know how to achieve those dreams?
Would you chase your dreams without hesitation if you knew you couldn’t fail?
Well I have a secret for you… psstt…. Goal Planning is how you can achieve those dreams!

Planning your goals will take your dreams to the next level–SUCCESS 
The stay at home mom life is tough.  The kids need us all day long.  We wear many hats throughout our day.  But sometimes we forget that we have dreams too.  It’s ok, as a mom, to want something that is yours.  Deep down maybe you just KNOW you are destined for greatness.  It’s 100% ok to feel like that! In order to achieve that greatness you MUST set goals!

Another little secret: goals aren’t just for building your dreams.  You should have goals for EVERYTHING.  Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, long term goals, etc.
When you sit down to begin planning your goals remember to be realistic. 
You do have a family to think about.  You want to remain present in their lives.  That is, after all, the biggest task in being a SAHM.  Plus, there’s nothing worse than trying to overload yourself, feeling overwhelmed, and then quitting before you even have a real chance to begin your dreams.
Set attainable goals. 
This might mean that BIG goal-well you might have to break it down into pieces so that you can get it done and still make sure the super hero cape is washed and ready to go by the time nap time is over.  If one of your goals is to build a website for your business you might want to piece it out.  One day build your Bio, next day upload photos, the day after that you might want to add your functional buttons, etc. Setting goals and reaching each goal should be exciting, not something you dread doing because theres SOOOOO much on your plate.
Are You Ready To Start Planning Your Success?