So many time in life we come across a person who says something, a situation that moves us, or a job that rears up our inner self doubt.  Not giving into that fear is what separates the doers from the doubters.
Confidence is key to moving forward! 
Personally, I tell myself that I don’t need the approval of everyone in a room I’m in, I don’t need everyone to like me, I am a positive person and I want to share that with others.  I’m an introvert by nature so this has not always come easy.  I have found a few exercise to help keep my confidence lifted when those fears and doubts creep in. ​
Courage comes from overcoming fear.  When you try something new for the first time you are often timid and unsure of your way.  As you continue to practice your new activity you become better, you become more successful, and you become more confident.  Everyone starts somewhere so just remember, if you aren’t confident yet, you will get there through your experience!
What you do everyday builds habits.  In order to grow your confidence you have change your habits.  If you are constantly in a crabby mood, your day is doomed from the get go, no good will come from getting out of bed nothing positive will ever come from your day.  What we choose to focus on through our day is what manifests in our life.  In order to grow your confidence you must focus on the positive in life and you must focus on growing your confidence because what we focus on our minds feed on.

This one might seem out of place but there are a significant number of benefits to exercise.  Exercise can boost your mood, transform your body, and builds your confidence like you would not believe. Don’t believe me?  Give it a try!  Pick a thirty minute workout and give it a try for a month.  Every evening check in with yourself, ask yourself how you are feeling, and evaluate your confidence. Not only will you start to feel proud of yourself for sticking with something but you will gain more confidence because you will start seeing progress!

There you have it, before you know it you are more confident than you were yesterday just through daily practice and growth!  To grow in yourself will lead to growth in your business.