Hey mom, you’re BUSY.  Like not the 20 year old version of you who thought going to class and having a part time job and a social life busy. Like REALLY have no idea what you did or how you managed to get anything done today busy.

Our little tiny love bugs who are so precious to look at while their sleeping, holding our hands, and cuddling cause quite a time crunch to our daily schedules.  So HOW do you start a business when you already have ZERO time during your day.  Well the answer isn’t one you’re going to like.

You have to MAKE time
I know you must hear that all the time and its SOOOOO annoying.  Almost as annoying as “sleep when the baby sleeps” uhhhh RIIIIGGGHTT.

Now let me first say I am NOT a morning person.  My ideal wake up time is around 9 am and honestly if I got my day going around 11 I’d be pleased as punch.  However I am a stay at home mom who runs a business, that simply isn’t an option for me.  But there are days where I have to sacrifice my desire to sleep in for some focused work time.At the beginning of each day I know exactly what I need to accomplish in my time frame so that when I sit down to work Im not spending half the time figuring out what I should be doing.  Each night before I go to bed I take 5-10 minutes to write out my to-do’s for the next day.  I also star those items that are the absolute priorities.  Since I am a mom there are realistic situations where I might not get to my entire to-do list.  Maybe the baby didn’t take a full morning nap, maybe he refused his afternoon nap, maybe we had to take an unplanned trip somewhere.  You name it, it has happened.  But when I star the items on my to-do list I know that those are non-negotiable for the day; even if that means I need to stay up and get a little work done after little man goes to bed.

Another thing I do that helps keep me focused is, once a month, I sit down and I write out my entire social media needs for the entire month.  I plan what days I will post in what groups, pages, run promotions, promote my group/biz page, what content I will be sharing, etc. I also plan out my blog topics for the month so I’m not staring at a blank page when its time to write.  I take that social media calendar and every week I write out my “must-do’s” on my to-do list so that when I add in my other tasks before bed I know what to expect for the day.

One final thing I do to help make my business happen and not lose my sanity as an already over stretched thin mom is that I use auto posting programs.  For me, and most people I know, if we get on social media even if for a split second we can get SUCKED IN!  Totally a thing and you know it 😉  So I know I need to be present on social media, since my business is online, but I simply cant be on social media everyday… Im a busy mom.  What I do once a week is I create the content I want to share with my groups, page, and in other groups and then I schedule it to be posted on whatever platform I am using.  This way I am present without having to spend an excessive amount of unproductive scrolling.

Mom life is a busy life BUT we CAN have the mom life and the life of a mompreneur it just takes some scheduling.  I know you’re already a pro at that 😉


P.S. I’ve got some GREAT stuff coming out this week in our mommy business community and I know you WONT want to miss it!