I have been getting a LOT of questions recently on how I stay organized and on task. Well my dears its super simple, I schedule my day and my to-do lists so that I know what needs done.

Each month I sit down and I organize my planner. I add cleaning days, meal prep days, laundry days, any outside appointments, my other half’s work schedule, and mommy & me group days. Once my family life is 100% scheduled I go back through and I add in my work schedule. Based on the best days for social media usage I schedule days to share my products. I schedule days to make live videos. I schedule days to share tips and tricks on how to successfully run a business. I schedule 1:1 with clients I’m working with. I schedule specific days to build programs, free items, or page creations.

I like to know whats coming up, what projects I need to work on, what appointments I have, all because I like to know what days I can just claim as a DAY OFF to spend with my kiddo doing whatever we choose to do that day!

My WHY for owning my own business has always been to be able to spend as much time with my kiddo while earning a living as I can. My drive for my business comes from looking at my kiddos precious face and knowing that he is watching my every move. I ALWAYS want him to know that he can do anything he puts his mind too with a little hard work and dedication.

Alright, back to planning 😉 now that you know my super dooper secret to my organization lol lets talk about how you can get organized too!

A planner is a NECESSITY for success. You MUST be able to see into the somewhat distant future to know what you have coming up. Flying by the seat of your pants simply doesn’t work now that we are big kids, TRUST ME… IVE TRIED 😉

My Current planner obsession is my  ​Erin Condrens Life Planner. You can get super cute cover for them – I filled mine with pictures of my little goose <3

I also LOVE all the features it comes with. There is a dry erase page (I leave myself year round notes on the front dry erase page and notes on the back page). There are pockets to keep your important items (like my kiddos hospital foot print and my stickers for organization purposes. Each life planner comes with appointment & blank sticker to be used for your important things. I also LOVE that at the beginning of each month there is a fun and inspirational quote.


I have had a number of bound planners through the years but nothing kept me as organized as this planner has the past 3 years!

​Now lets chat about non bound organization. While I have a hard copy of all my to-do’s, upcoming projects, set in stone appointments, etc. I have a planner that I print out where I can write out my 90 day goals, projected goals, new ideas, and there are sheets for daily to-do’s where I can write in things as they come up and cross off what I’ve completed. Snag your Free —>  90 Day Success Planner.

​Guys, organization and success don’t have to be hard. They go hand in hand with the proper focus and tools. Find yourself YOUR perfect organization system and see how much simply your life can be. I literally have soooooo much more free time when I write things down and schedule them. That way i’m not waking up and spending the entire day trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing only to have to spend the rest of the day re-scheduling things I missed lol.

KISS – Keep It Simple Silly! Check out the Erin Condren planners (she has a TON). They aren’t free but they are great. If you’re looking for a FREE place to start your journey on the organization train check out the FREE 90 Success Planner. What have you got to lose? It’s FREE!

I hope this answers a couple of your questions my dears 😉 Until Next Time

P.S. If you’re looking for more tips and trips on how to get organized come join our community —> #MommiesOnAMission