Idunno about you but I always want to increase my sales in business.  I am in business to help mommas but i’m also in business to build my families dreams.

Over the last five years in business I can without a doubt say there have been REALLY good ups in my online sales.  But there have equally been just as many lows.

What works in one instance for a sales share may not work for another sales share.  It is a battle of trial and error sometimes.  I know, I know, not exactly what you want to here.  But it’s totally true!

Now that does NOT mean it’s impossible to achieve more sales. There are three techniques that I have found time and time again that do in fact help boost my sales and I feel like they will absolutely benefit your business too.

#1 Create An Offer Your Target Audience Simply Can’t Refuse

You already have the content you just have to give it a little thought.  Now, you might think this is hard but really this can be SUPER simple.  Think for a minute what the answers to the following are:

  • What questions is your target audience always asks you?
  • What topics are you already covering that your audience enjoys the most?
  • What are the most liked topics on your social media?

Now that you have the answers to those questions do you see how you already have something your target audience will want? By providing them the answers to their questions you will be offering them something they simply can’t refuse.  Your audience will literally be jumping out of their seats to hear the answers to their questions.

If you’re looking for more things to share try reaching out to your audience and asking them what they want.  I’ve done surveys, e-mails, facebook polls, pinterest shares, etc.  You can get feedback from your audience many different ways.

#2 Explain EXACTLY What Results You Will Help Your Audience Reach

Have you ever tried the “latest” beauty product guaranteed to make your skin youthful looking only to realize it’s just another cream that doesn’t do anything?

When you offer your audience something you can’t simply promise them success or a better way to do XYZ.  You must be able to provide them results.

When you offer your audience something specific they WANT, MUST HAVE, WILL DO ANYTHING FOR your idea.  They will literally be able to see themselves achieving the things you have promised them.

“Lost the 15lbs you gained during the holidays” or “Your first big ticket client in 7 days”.  These are specific things a client will be able to reach.

The key here is to engage with your audience, figure out what they specifically need help with, have something for your audience that specifically meets their desired needs, and offer them the sure fire results they are looking to achieve.

#3 Show A Sense Of Urgency In Your Offer

Let me ask you first, what is so enticing about black friday shopping?  It’s the fact that the sales are “one day” sales at the “lowest prices” and you must act now.  You see a sense of urgency and you take action before you “miss out” on the sales.

That’s exactly what you’ll want to do with whatever it is you have to offer.  Your audience will make a purchase because they don’t want to miss out on an opportunity.  “Bonus Content Available For The First 15 People Who Purchase” or “Program Half Off For 7 Days” or “15 Spots Left & The Doors Are Closing”.  Just like you do on black friday, you jump on the sales, your audience will want to do the same with your products because they don’t want to miss out on a good deal.  ​

There is no secret to success in sales, it’s all about asking yourself what your audience wants and then giving it to them.  When sharing your offers just make sure you are creating something they can’t refuse, explain exactly what problem you will solve for them, and show a sense of urgency.

With these three tips you’re bound to see an increase in your sales in no time 😉

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Until next time!


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