Have you ever shelled out a booty load of money for something to “fix” your problem only to figure out whatever you bought simply didn’t work?

I know I absolutely have. Ive shelled out a significant amount of money on live trainings, books, e-books, webinars, higher education, etc. all which promised something I was looking for.  Only, in the end, I was disappointed to find out what I was promised wasn’t actually going to occur.

If you are a business owner of any kind the last thing you want to hear is that your customer thinks you’re a quack pot and that your products don’t work.  A good rule of thumb for an online business owner is to assure your services match the offer you create.

1. Make sure you are providing a guided transformation

What I mean is don’t just give a bunch of info and say “here you go, good luck, hope you figure it out!”.  No you actually need to walk your customers through your programs, your tutorials, your services and make sure they know how to use your guidance effectively.  The proverbial, take them form point A to point B comes to mind here.

*Take a look at what you are sharing, make sure that there is a journey within your info, and assure there is an achievable end result that your customer can obtain.

2. Determine What Your Customers Needs To Learn And Share That Info

If you are creating a video tutorial don’t simply sit down and ramble about whatever it is you “think” your customer wants adding erroneous examples here and there.  NOPE NOPE NOPE.  You need to make are whatever you provide offers your customer an end result.

Before you sit down and hit record try creating an outline of what you need to cover.  Write down topics, objectives, and results you want to provide.  This little tool will help you from getting long winded and sharing unnecessarily.  Having an outline keeps you on track and allows you to share that “point A to point B” info your customer is looking for.  You can always share example stories as long as they relate to what your customer needs to learn.

3. Be Sure You Know Ahead Of Time What Your Customer Will Need To Do To Achieve Results
Back to the video tutorial example, you outline what you want to cover and how your customer will achieve the end goal.  Now you need to be sure that you are communicating clearly to them what steps they will need to take in order to achieve their point A to point B.  You can do this by creating action steps, workable hand outs, actions assignments, to-do list’s, check lists, etc.  It’s one thing to provide information to your customer but it’s another thing to help them follow through with what they’ve learned.  By providing them interactive ways to apply what they have learned you are helping them achieve the goals they set out to reach by purchasing your program.
Now, go make some happy customers!
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