How many of you have beat your head against your table trying to just “stay ahead” of your “work load” trying to engage with your audience?  I mean you’re on social media, you have an e-mail list, you have groups, you need to post in groups, you run live events, etc.  Theres SOOO much stuff you share that you need to come up with it might seem like, at times, you’re drowning just keeping up with content.
When you first start your business it can be OVERWHELMING without a doubt.
  • When I first started someone said “You must engage with your audience” So I spent days writing posts and remembering to post them.  I set alarms on my phone otherwise i’d totally forget.
  • When I got a little better at my business someone said “You should start a blog”  So I spent days trying to come up with content to share, writing posts, scheduling posts, creating pictures for the blogs, etc.
  • Then someone said “You need to create a newsletter”  Dear lord I was drowning in what I already had on my plate how was I ever going to stretch myself a little more to keep up with a newsletter?

What I quickly had to realize was that I was creating content and sharing it one time and it was lost in the universe never to be heard from again :O.  That’s about the time i’d reached my breaking point.  I finally signed up for seminars to help me structor my business and MAN was it way overdue.  During one of the seminars I learned about using autoresponders- BAM – Business changer in seconds!

One of the BEST things about using an autoresponder is that you can write your content ONCE and then each time someone signs up for your e-mail list they will receive your content in different intervals so you’re genius content doesn’t go to waste.

Still not following?  Ok lemme break it down!

If you have 10 people sign up for your e-mail list those 10 people will get the content you’re sharing, then you send those 10 people another genius e-mail, and another, etc. they are reading your genius content.  Well if person number 11 signs up 15 days down the road they will get the original e-mail they signed up for and then all of the other e-mails you have scheduled to go out according to how you’ve scheduled them.  You don’t just share your content once on a platform and let it go out into the universe to die along with your engagement.  You can continually have your word spread out with an autoresponder!

This was literally the BIGGEST time-saver for me.  I kept creating content and sharing it again and again and again and again…. it was time consuming and I rarely knew if anyone was getting a chance to read what I was sharing.  That simply does NOT work now that I am a busy mom who runs the house, cooks the meals, cares for the baby, runs the errands, sets up the appointments, goes to the appointments, you get the idea.  Using an autoresponder means that your content is on autopilot.  Your audience will always be engaged even if you aren’t there with them the second they sign up.

Autoresponders are fantastic tools for blogs, resources, links, upcoming webinar announcements, promos, all sorts of stuff! You might think “But I can’t engage with my audience if i’m just sending them content” SURE your can!!  At the end of each of my e-mails I ask a question, invite my audience to join my Wine Wednesday Session, encourage them to go and do, etc.  There is ALWAYS the option to e-mail me back if there are any questions :D.

Now what autoresponder do you choose?  Gosh, there are literally a TON and I have tried MANY of them!  While i’m not going to cover all of them I will share with you my absolute favorite one- I use Convert Kit. It is SUPPPPPEEEER simple to use, there are a ton of templates, you can build relationships with your audience view a newsletter, and its a great tool to incorporate into your business.

Another amazing thing about Convert Kit is their customer service.  I had some questions when I first started with them and I jumped on a live chat with one of their reps and my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly.  To me customer service for a company is extremely important, if you are not there for your  customers when they need you the most then you aren’t great in your business 😉  .  I HIGHLY recommend checking them out if you want to continually engage your audience with little effort.

It’s time to start engaging!!


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