Hey!  I’ve decided to host another Usborne book party because I love these children’s books and I think you’d really love them too (if you don’t already)!  This is not just any party, this is a party with a purpose!  I won’t be keeping any of the books I earn for being a host!  I’m doing the party right here on FB, Monday at 8:30 so we can check out the books and hang out together for a really great cause.  Want an invite?  It’s going to be super fun!”

“So glad were friends now!  I was looking through your pictures and noticed you never wear makeup.  You totally should, it would make your appearance more appealing to others :-).  I sell avon and I could totally teach you how to look prettier and flaunt what you’ve got!”

“I just started this new business and I added you to my group.  You should totally join in on my lularoe pop up and buy some new clothes!  So many fun prints you will like and i’m going live on Wednesday at 9:00pm. See you there!”

“I’ve lost 45 lbs in the last 9 months with P90X and I saw you just had a baby which means I KNOW you have weight to lose.  You should come join my challenge group next month!  We’ve got TONS of programs on sale I know you’ll be able to do.  You in??”

“Hey, I’ve got wraps on sale until tomorrow night, I was looking at your pictures and noticed you could use one. Are you interested?”

Lets just talk for a quick second about how ALL of these are a hard NO for any potential customer you may have just added on your social media platform.  These are all REAL messages I’ve received from people I either don’t know or people who had just added me as a friend.  I’ll be honest, not a single one of them got my business.

I don’t know about you but some of these messages I personally found offensive and the others I just found pushy or annoying.  So let’s just start off by saying this is not how you want to start conversations with any of your potential customers.  You want to get to know your audience, make them feel comfortable with you, build trust before asking someone to invest with you.

Have you ever gone to one of the big box stores and a few short steps inside the store there is a direct tv sales person standing there ready to pounce?  Literally you walk past them and the first words out of their mouth is “Let me talk to you about upgrading your TV package”.  Never once did they ask you how you were, if you had cable, if you even had a TV.  Personally we don’t have cable at our house and we have no intention of ever having cable. For the longest time I only had one TV in my house and it was in a hutch that always stayed closed.  You tend to say “no thanks” and just keep walking because no one likes to be a part of a blatant sales pitch.  The same principle applies to your business.  You need to build a relationship, trust, and confidence among your audience.  Think of building your audience like dating.  You have to get to know someone before you decide you want to spend time with them.

Once an individual accept your friend request, follows your board, tweets you back, etc. it’s always a great idea to shoot them a message. NOT a “buy my stuff” message!!  This is a time to get to know your new friend.  Scroll through some of the persons profile and find something you have in common and ask questions without making it about you! Ask the person questions about themselves.  Shoot them a Birthday message.  Ask them how their kids are enjoying whatever program their in. Tell them how much you LOVE their photos of xyz. Connect with a person on a friends level before you ever pitch to them.  Getting to know your audience, building trust, and sharing with them opens up an entirely new channel for communication and down the line on boarding them.
Some things to AVOID:
*Posting blatantly about your business
*Asking your audience to “CLICK HERE” to BUY without ever getting to know them  (Unless it’s a promotion offer)
*Making EVERY SINGLE post about your business
*Soliciting products on someone else’s page (Do NOT ask your friends if you can post your “for sale” items on their walls!)
*Talking trash about your competitors on your page or theirs
*Using stock photos of your products
*Having a profile picture that isn’t your face
Some things to DO:
*Get to know people: who they are, what they like, their hobbies, etc.
* Share YOU doing normal every day things (people work with those they can relate to)
* Use a picture for your profile that shows your smiling face
* Share YOU using your product or living your moto without a “BUY NOW” action call
* Grow your audience
* Invite daily
​*Get into groups with others you share interests with ​
No one likes a sleazy car sales man who only follows you around the lot (social media) wanting to sell you something.  Make some friends, make those connections, invite people into your world, and then offer them a glimpse into what you have to share.
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