It doesn’t matter if this is your first day in business or if you’re a pro mapping out your goals is a MUST do to help you be more productive and successful in your business endeavors! If you merely “wing it” from day to day or week to week you might just end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Being a full time mom certainly has it’s challenges.  Let’s be real you’re not “on point” every single day.  BUT when you have a plan you are more likely to stay focused on your overall goal.  I know that when I’m in full mommy mode for a day or two and I can’t work or i’m totally distracted I sometimes get down on myself or i’ll guilt myself into sitting to get some work done and then I feel bad about not doing my “mommy duty”.  I have to take a minute, look at my plan, check my prioritize and realize that no matter what I will achieve what I set out to do because I have an end goal and a plan.

Instead of all the “mom guilt” you put on yourself let’s take a few minutes and talk about how you can plan out your big goals ahead of time to help alleviate the stress now!
1. Grab your planner and map out your ENTIRE year!
If you don’t have a planner yet GET ONE!!!  I love my Erin Condren planner and I HIGHLY recommend them to you too!  They have tons of space to get detailed, they have space for notes, and daily space for tasks.  In a perfect world you would sit down plan out your tasks, crush your tasks, and be rolling in your business success with zero hiccups.  BUUUUUTTTT you’re a business building MOM who has things that need to be taken care of while running your business.  Writing down what you need to achieve for each week based on your goals will help keep you focused and on track to reach each of your goals.  Now I say “write it down” I don’t mean start with your planner. Good grief you’d have white out everywhere while youre making adjustments haha.  I encourage you to outline everything in a notebook, on a piece of paper, in a digital document, etc so that you can see how you want your year to go.  THEN add things to your planner!
2. Figure out FOUR things you want to accomplish in your business for the year.      

The reason I say four things is because there are 4 quarters to your year and in each 90 day cycle you should be able to accomplish a big task!  For me I try to stick to income goals, content goals, subscriber goals, etc.

This year I made some lofty goals since I went through a re-branding.

  1. Create a foundation for my business
  2. Reach 1000 mommas in the new FB group I just started in January
  3. Create a new online program that helps other moms create an income from home
  4. Promote new program

Now, i’m a full time SAHM. I work less than 20 hours a week on my business.  So I split those goals into quarters for the year so that I can reach them accordingly and with minimal stress.


Once you figure out what you want to achieve you need a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN! For me I sit down and create a list of what I want to happen in order to reach my.  Let’s use my quarterly goals as an example.

​**Create a foundation for my business

  1. Decide on a domain name and purchase
  2. Determine what e-mail service to use
  3. Build my website

** Reach 1000 mommas in my new FB group

  1. Post a new blog each week
  2. Create content for my group and for my business FB page
  3. Schedule my posts and blog every week
  4. Create content for my e-mail list that can engage my audience on auto pilot. More on that here —> ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE ON AUTOPILOT

**Create a new program to help mommies create income & stay home with their kiddos through maximizing their time and skills >> 4 Weeks To Build Your Online Business <<

  1. Decide what moms want to learn most
  2. Create the content
  3. Price my offer
  4. Market my product

**Promote new program    >> 4 Weeks To Build Your Online Business <<

  1. Learn how to engage effectively in facebook groups
  2. Create an interactive e-mail series
  3. Provide highly engaging content to my audience while continuing to engage with them
Now that i’ve mapped out everything I go back in and elaborate on each task.  Once I know exactly what needs to be done in order to reach my goals I give each task a date that it needs to be accomplished by.  With those dates I then go in and plug everything into my planner so that I can get a visual of where I am and what i’m working towards.  Once I have a good idea of what activities i’m doing regularly I add them in on specific days each week/month again and again.  For content sharing I go into my social media platforms once a week and schedule my posts so that i’m not forgetting to engage each and every day.  ​
I LOVE knowing what i’ve got coming up. I NEED too have a visual of what tasks i’m actively working on in order to keep myself focused and moving forward.  If you’re just starting out I highly suggest that you start planning 90 days at a time.  You can literally change your life in 90 days with hard work and persistence.  I have a FREE 90 Success Planner for you to use as a mock up or for an outline for your year planing.  —> 90 Day planner  
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