I’ve gotten this question a few times this week and honestly I hear this questions all the time. It’s a really good question, but a tough one to explain.  “What happens if my family or friends don’t support my dreams, I don’t know that I can do it”. Well here’s the thing, if your family or friends don’t support you they don’t need to be in your immediate life. Ouch right, it’s a hard couple of words to hear but there might be some truth in it. Becoming your own boss takes a LOT of work. You must dedicate time to your business. You need to be able to contact people and build relationships with them. You need to be able to show that what you are doing or selling does work and can benefit others. You need to earn the trust of those you want to work with the most. All of these things take time. These items aren’t going to happen over night, they take time. Your family and friends may not see the worth in your efforts because they aren’t immediate like if you’d just get a “9-5”.

Sadly, I can personally say that I know what it’s like not to have a partner, family member, and friends support you in your dreams. To constantly hear “what have you done?” “Have you made any sales?” “Oh look they’re hiring, you could apply there” “We should just talk to them about you working”. It’s disheartening. It makes you feel like you’re worthless and that all your hard work goes unnoticed completely because you’re not working a “9-5” like the rest of society. Many people give up and just give in to what these types of comments because it’s hard to be put you down all the time. Maybe they don’t mean to do it maliciously but it still happens and it hurts.

You Are NOT Alone!!

Many people go through this when they find their passion. You find your calling, you believe in it with all your heart, you see the potential, and EVERY DAY you make an effort to work towards those goals. You are on FIRE and you finally feel great about something. You’ve helped sooooo many people change their lives and yet you still get “Are you done playing on your computer?”. The idea of starting something new can be scary to others around you. When those around you are content in their lives, in their 9-5’s, in working for someone else who gives them orders, in not being able to take vacation unless their boss says its ok, it’s hard to make them see that what you want to do is worth something too. ​


When you start a new venture you are going to find a number of your close friends and family will try to tell you your not going to be successful. It REALLY sucks to hear that but you need to be aware that it can happen. TRULY, that is the #1 piece of advice I can give to any new entrepreneur!  Many people are uncomfortable with the unknown and they poo poo on those who do something different from them. When you start a business online many of those people in your close circle will think you are nuts at first. It’s terribly sad to think those that mean the most to you don’t believe in you. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue, take their words, and just do your thing all the while knowing that someday you WILL show them that they were WRONG. If you are willing to dedicate time, energy, and effort into your passion you CAN achieve whatever you set your mind to.

You CAN Make Your Dreams Come True
-It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Else Thinks-

 You MUST believe in yourself in order to make your dreams come true. You ARE important and can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You WILL succeed if you set goals and you work towards them each day. You WILL start to remove the negativity from your life once you start following your dreams. I can promise you WILL lose friends along your journey, but the thing is- if they were only there for you when your life was tough it just means they enjoyed having friend as miserable as they are. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and you will begin attracting like minded people once you start building your new life.

The reality of the situation is NO, your partner, your family, or your friends may not support you. Is that the worst thing ever? It sure feels like it in the moment. But truthfully the worst thing ever is you not achieving what you know can be a better life for you in the future because you’re focused on someone else’s opinion. YES it’s going to suck to have those closest to you get down on you, but you CAN rise above it if you know that your dreams can be a reality.

You ARE important and I believe in you. If you need someone in your corner I’m here and ready to be your support system. I have a success partner who believes in me and that is enough to keep me moving forward in what I KNOW is my direction in life. Tie yourself to someone positive and ride their coat tails until you feel secure enough to fly on your own. You WILL build the life you deserve if you take a chance on yourself and choose to ignore those around you who are constantly negative.

So what happens if your spouse, family, or friends don’t support you? Chase your dreams anyway! Work when they aren’t around, build relationships when they are gone at work, work after they’ve gone to bed so that you don’t have to justify your time spent. Create the life you know you deserve and don’t let anyone try and stop you! You are worth more!


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