Can I just say that before I figured out my “groove” I was ALL over the place.  Do you know what I mean?  When you sit down to “work” but struggle to actually work.  I’d map out work time in my mind, sit down at my laptop with my notebook and pen and it was almost instantly that I remembered I had to go to the bathroom, or I needed to switch the laundry, or I could see the playroom and it was a mess, or … you name it I just KNEW it needed done right then and there.

It took me a bit of time but I finally figured out what needed to happen in order to make work happen and be in the right frame of mind to accomplish what I needed to do.  This may seem silly or overly simple but every single time I sit down to work I repeat the same things again and again to accomplish my tasks.

While I don’t agree with everything in the book, my biz bestie and I were reading The Miracle Morning one month and I did take quite a bit away from the readings.  The basis of the book is about creating a morning ritual in order to create success.  Elrod suggests you knock out the most important things in the morning so that when you sit down to work you can simply work.

Like I said, while I did take quite a bit away from the book I’m still a mom and mornings aren’t an easy time for getting ANYTHING done; well at least not in my household.  I refuse to wake up before the baby wakes because I’m usually up working well past the babies bed time.  My kiddo is only 14 months old and still nurses and needs one on one mommy time each morning sooo like I said, mornings aren’t our things.  BUT I did take a good number of things from the book and apply them to my daily life which translates into my business life.
Before I even try to work I do a few things to help make sure I can focus on my tasks
  • I switch all laundry so that I don’t have to be interrupted by needing to switch loads
  • I clean my kitchen sink of all dirty dishes, something about dirty dishes in the sink drives me bonkers
  • I take a potty break
  • Grab a cup of water AND coffee
  • Put the kiddo on the play mat with toys he hasn’t played with in a few days so he’s entertained
I am a full time stay-at-home mommy so I can’t go into an office and close the door for quiet time.  Daddy works long hours and little mr is still quite small but completing these few things prior to sitting down to work really assures that I can focus on the tasks most necessary.  Plus knowing that things are clean and tidy helps my mommy brain focus on the tasks at hand and not all the things I need to do when I’m done.
Once I sit down to work I do a few more things to actually begin working 
  • I Lay out my notebook, pens, laptop, and planner so that I have all my to-do’s and deadlines available at my finger tips
  • I check over my to-do list (that I wrote out the night before- it gives me time throughout the day to mentally prepare for what tasks i’m going to be completing)
  • I open all my pages documents i’ll need, numbers files, google docs, etc. for the tasks I’m working on
  • Lastly I start a movie that I can listen to through my one ear bud in the background.  I have a group of 4-5 movies I can put on, minimize, and listen to through my headphones that help keep me focused and working.  Most people listen to music while they work and I totally encourage whatever works for you.  I get distracted when I listen to music so Titanic, Arthur, Saving Mr. Banks, and Sister Act are my go-to background noise movies.  Plus they are just good and enjoyable movies!
I certainly wouldn’t say that my method is iron clad because at any given moment little mr can still crawl up to me and need my attention so I pause and help meet those needs.  I am first and foremost his mommy and the only parent home with him a majority of the time. But I am also diligent in my work when I use these processes to accomplish my days work.  I HGHLY suggest The Miracle Morning to EVERYONE who is looking to get organized and more focused in their work day.  I do caution you not to take it for verbatim because you ARE a MOMMY and your kiddos are your first priority.  Adapt the techniques to help suite your own business needs.
I’d love to know if any of you have specific things you do to help get your work day going and progressive while the kiddos are present.  Comment below what works best for you i’d love to hear from you!

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