Raise your hand for me if you’ve ever plopped down in front of your computer to type up content for your social media platforms and simply glared at your screen with a blank mind.  Come on, show of hands!!

I know I was a victim of these more times than I’d like to admit.  I’d read something during the day and be dead set on sharing info about it only to completely forget by the time I sat down to work.  Literally, blank mind syndrome would set in as soon as I heard the familiar ding of the computer turning on.  Can I just say, if you haven’t already figured it out for yourself, that wasting time like that is detrimental to your business and your mom life!  You already have very little time to spare since you are rocking the mom life and the house organizer roles, you simply don’t have time to spend sitting at your computer staring blankly hoping an idea will come to you.

I have made my social media planner my absolute BEST friend these days in order to help keep my productivity on point.  Sure there are days where I slack at my job but I never drop the ball on sharing my content anymore because I can’t come up with something to share. As i’m sure you noticed i’m a HUGE fan of my Erin Condren Planner for personal organization and home life appointments but for work related things I like to have a planner that I can doodle in and still have plenty of room to write in when new ideas come along.
Some of my favorite planners are:
Tools For Wisdom Planner  –  SOooo many fun prints
Hello Life Planner – The sayings on these planners are VERY motivating
Blue Sky Planner – There are a ton to choose from
Bloom Daily Planner –  This one I got as a back up one year and loved the layout

I usually have 2 planners that I work from regularly. One, my Erin Condren Planner I keep for work deadlines, personal/family life, and for quarterly goal dates. My social media planner is what it sounds like, it’s a planner I use to keep a running list of my social media content ideas, when things need to be posted, when things need to be shared on what platforms, etc. I decided that this was going to be the year where I planned an entire year in advance.  I sat down during the first week of January and wrote out all topics I wanted to cover on my platforms.  I’ll admit that this was not an easy task but here we are April 24th and I am so glad to have a list to work from.  Not having to come up with new topics each week has saved me so much time each week that I have been able to reallocate to other tasks.

Now don’t think this is a fool proof plan.  YES I have a list of topics for each week of this year but I do go in and adjust the list according to what my audience wants to hear.  I have chosen, loosely, what I want to cover each week through the year but if I find my audience wants something more specific I obviously bend to their needs.  The beauty of this system is that you can always change things up as you go along.

SO the BIG question I’m sure you’re hoping I’d hurry up and answer:

Select Topics You Want To Write About
When you are sharing on social media you want to have some type of theme to your business.  For me I tend to cover Time Management, Organization, Social Media Sharing, and Mom Life & Business Management.  Knowing that these are the topics I focus on teaching through my business I pick one of the and jot down items that I want to cover within those specific categories.  ​
Decide What Your Audience Wants To Hear
Based on the topics you chose above come up with a breakdown of how you want to share that information.  This is where I STRONGLY suggest that you get out a couple sheets of paper and just write and write and write!  If you do find yourself coming up with a little bit of a mental block I HIGHLY suggest that you ask your audience what they want to learn.  I also try to go back through my e-mails or Facebook messages from those mommas i’ve worked with to find questions they’ve asked me before.  I find that if one person has a question on a topic MANY MANY MANY others have the same question. ​
Fill In Your Planner
Now that you have a super long list of topics its time to plug them into your planner! Beside each topic you came up with write down a date you want to share that content by.  Note that some social media platforms have specific times and dates where your audience will see you more often so be sure to take that into consideration when writing dates into your planner.  If you don’t have a planner I suggest you get on that RIGHT NOW!  Take a look at the ones I mentioned above, i’ve used them all and have really enjoyed how much space they offer, plus they are SUPER cute! ​
If you found this helpful i’d love for you to share it with someone you KNOW who could use this info as well!
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