Idunno if you all have noticed but I have a VERY active 15 month old crawling, toddling, and dragging toys all over my house.  I am constantly running behind him playing, teaching, and picking up his toys.  With his energy its a never ending circus of amusement in our house.  When I look back on when I started my first successful online business I laugh because I use to think I was soooo busy.  I had “so much to do” but man did I waste a lot of free time lol.  Don’t get me wrong, I got down to business eventually, but it wasn’t on a schedule or restricted schedule I should say.

Now that I’m a mom I hear this statement AGAIN & AGAIN “I don’t have time to start a new business, I have kids to take care of”.  Well duuuuuhhhhhh, of course you have kids to take care of… what do you think being a mom is all about?  That being said it does NOT mean you can’t start a business!

NOPE you’re not going to be able to sit down and knock out 8 hours of work in one sitting.  Unless you work 8 straight hours after the kids go to bed but holy moly you’ll be exhausted the next day when they finally wake up. But what you do have are good windows of time to accomplish anything you want in.  Truly, it’s just a matter of finding those windows of time and then organizing what needs to be done in those windows.

When I’m asked the infamous “How do you find time to work each day” I simply reply with “I run my business in twenty minute to an hour time slots”.  Before the baby wakes up I review what needs to be done, when the baby plays after breakfast I knock out some tasks, during nap time (which varies drastically these days) I knock out bigger projects, I schedule all calls after the babies in bed for the night, and some times I get some work done after his bedtime. My purpose for running my own business has always been so that I can be home and present in my families life, not so that I can constantly be strapped to my laptop or phone.  If you want to own your own business it doesn’t have to be rocket science, it’s merely a matter of finding time in your day to accomplish your tasks and keep your business moving forward.
I’ve shared this before but I have been to a number of seminars in my time and the biggest take away I ever got that I apply to my business still today is what Roger Love called the 80/20 rule. At the worlds greatest speaker event put on by Brendon Burchard, Roger Love explained how 80% of your results comes from 20% of the work you put in.    Author Richard Koch writes a great book on this topic too. The book is called The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less.   This book can really helps you understand the ideas of balance.  Another great read was The 4-Hour Work Week  This is the book I read when I decided to leave my big girl 9-5 job and start my own business, which turned out to be pretty amazing 😉 !

Back to the mommy business life for a minute you already know your head is in a million places at once at any given moment during the day.  Insane amounts of laundry, dishes in the sink, toys and toys and toys everywhere, quality time with friends/family/SO.  The time you have during your day is VERY important.

You’re a mom so i’m just going out on a limb and say that you have a TON of laundry to do, toys to pick up, dishes to do, kids to chase/drive/play with… the list goes on right.  Well let me just tell you that not everything you do during your day is important.  I know, I know, thats harsh to hear but it’s true.   ​

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The NUMBER ONE thing I can tell you is that you MUST find was to cut down on the things that don’t matter to your success.  No, i’m not saying skip the kiddo time or ignore your SO, what I am saying is that the “fluff” you do during the day can wait.
Personally I had to learn to cut down on the amount of times I did the dishes every day, I did NOT need to pick up the toys when little mr left a room (he was coming back for eventually), I do NOT get on Facebook a billion times a day (it’s addicting, you know it is, plus it can be a huge waste of time if you’re just scrolling aimlessly), I think my BIGGEST fluff remover was deciding NOT to do laundry every single day (I have set days where I do our families laundry now).

When you cut out the excess fluff you have so much extra time during your day to start RUNNING your business.  You can start by deciding what you want to do, you can start making connections, you can create content, you can build a website, you can start a blog, you can write your book, you can develop your network, you can chat with clients, and so much more.  When you schedule your day you can free up so much time to dedicate to your business.  At first, when you start removing the fluff, you’re probably not going to find hours at a time but you will certainly find twenty-thirty minute chunks at a time and every little bit counts.
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I HIGHLY encourage you to take a good long look at your week, then break it down to your individual days, I want you to start to identify areas where you can eliminate unnecessary activities in order to refocus on the bigger picture.  I want you to be able to take that BIG idea that you have been stewing on and turn it into something even BIGGER.  BUT—You MUST remember.  We all have the exact same amount of hours in our days.  You are no more busy than any other over exhausted mom on this planet.  It’s simply a matter of how you choose to spend the time you have each day.

Rather than saying “I just don’t have time” or “I’m just so busy” I want you to try to find just twenty minutes in your day where you can begin to cultivate some of your dreams.

I’ve created a worksheet for you to help you figure out what you’re really doing with your time throughout the day!  >>>>>  HERE  <<<<  
Lauren ​
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