I get hundreds of e-mails delivered to my inbox each day.  Each time a new e-mail comes through a little annoying red and white number pops up next to my little blue mail box and immediately I check out what is inside the little blue box.  I check my e-mail consistently #1 because I HATE to have notification on my phone #2 because as soon as I see the number pop up my mind shifts from what I was doing to finding out whats inside the virtual box.

Literally, i’ll be making lunch-thinking up the upcoming nap time the kiddo will take not thinking about the latest deals at Publix or if fruit bowls are on sale and in an instant I look at my e-mail notification and BAM e-mail from Publix with their new weekly circular.  Once I put the squirt to sleep I then go looking through the circular for things we NEED to get after nap time or the next morning.

You might not notice how often, throughout your day, your mind shifts from what you’re doing to something else thanks to a notification.  As a business owner thats EXACTLY what they want to happen.

E-mail newsletters are the #1 way to reach your readers and potential clients
Also, when you send out an e-mail, it’s a little reminder to your clients that you are still there and you still have value to offer them.  This is just one small reason you’re going to want to start your e-mail list as soon as you start your business.  ​
 1. You Can Share What You Have To Offer Right Off The Bat
Many who start businesses wait to set up a newsletter but when you set one up immediately you never miss an opportunity to make a connection NOW.  By making connections right off the bat you are able to bring your audience along your journey and prime them for your offers when they arise.  Those who stay on the journey with you will become your lifers and will want to hire you over joe shmo who offers a similar product but has just reach the scene.
2. You Can Communicate One On One
When you e-mail your list you are able to get one on one feedback from your audience.  You can learn what they need, what they want to learn, if they are enjoying your content/products, etc. This makes your business more personal and makes you approachable.


3. The More Your Audience Hears From Your The More They’ll Remember You
Like I mentioned in #1, when it comes time for a follower to get help in the area you specialize in they will come to you because they know you, are comfortable with you, hear from you regularly, and trust you.  ​
4. Social Media Platforms Are Always Changing But E-mail Is Constant
I don’t know if you noticed or not but just last week Facebook changed their algorithms again for group posts and who sees them.  Pinterest, IG, Twitter, and the lot are all doing the exact same thing, shifting on your.  It is true that those social media platforms are good for engaging with your audience and sharing content but you never know who is going to see your message.  Sadly, when you post of facebook less than 10% of your followers see what you are sharing.  At least when you e-mail your audience you are 100% sure they are receiving what you are sharing.
5. Invaluable Audience Feedback 
When it comes time to create a product you have unlimited amounts of feedback possibilities.  Before you waste time creating a product that your audience might not be interested in it’s good to reach out to them and ASK your audience what they are looking for.  This assures that you are offering what is needed and in turn can sell what you then create.

If you haven’t quite figured out what e-mail service to use I ALWAYS recommend Convert Kit.  Mailchimp, Aweber, and Get Response are good options too.  Don’t get overwhelmed with all the tech lingo, jump on a live chat with the service, learn how to use it, and build your list.

Ok, soooo if you have NOT started an e-mail newsletter yet I HIGHLY suggest you add that to your MUST DO list right now!  Start building your list now so that you have contact with your audience and you can be their go-to guru.

Once you’ve chosen which e-mail service to use check out this freebie: 

Download Your Tip Sheet Here


You are about to be AMAZED how fast your list will grow with these easy to follow tips.


​P.S. Now I have a question for you!  When did you start your e-mail list?  Do you still need to start?  Did you start and stop?

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