DISTRACTIONS … Life as a mom by any other term, am I right.  But the thing about motherhood is that sometimes we overly assume the kiddos are our distractions from our businesses when really there are soooo many other components to take into account. Computers, cell phones, tablets, instant access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, all the random beeping and notifications.  When you hear a device beep or buzz it signals your brain to say that there is something urgent that needs to be addressed even when it’s not something urgent; no wonder we are constantly distracted.

Now the old saying that I love to rely on is “I am really good at multitasking” but in reality the human brain was not designed to multi-task.  Rather, it can switch between tasks quickly but our focus is not the best when doing so.  It would be like sitting in a cubicle and having your boss and their secretary come up and start handing you files, documents, asking for things, reminding you to do XYZ, and you’re trying to accommodate both at the same time.  Exhausted just reading that?  I know I use to be so tired after a long day of that in my cubicle office job.

That’s what you are asking your brain to do on a daily basis by constantly checking your phone, scrolling through pages on your laptop, checking your tablet, looking through your e-mails, etc.  You are asking your brain to focus one thing and ripping it away to focus on something else in the same instance.
One of the BEST ways I have learned how to Focus throughout the day is to decrease my distractions.  No, I’m not saying to ignore the kiddos, what I’m saying is you need to get organized and set your focus at the begging of each day.  Every morning, after little mr has had his breakfast and mommys coffee is made, I grab my planner and I check out the tasks I need to complete for the day and double check their priority.  This helps me start my day focused and allows me to get into my “work” mind frame.  I use my 90 Day Success Planner to stay organized.  I love it because it had dramatically increased my productivity and my ability to stay on task.
Whether you notice it or not you are constant answering the “ding ding ding” of your cell phone, you are constantly turning away from your work for a ringing land line, you are listening to a TV in the background.  Your brain is in sensory overload and is trying to figure out what it should be focusing on.
If at the end of the day you feel stressed, burnt out, yet accomplished little or nothing its because you aren’t focused.  The only way to break that cycle is to plan what you will focus on during your day.
Just as a side note/reminder: you do NOT have to answer every e-mail, social media notification, or phone call that comes your way throughout the day.  If you prioritize your day and set aside specific times to check e-mails, return phone calls, and check in on social media you will be far more likely to get your tasks accomplished and feel accomplished at the “close of business”.  A happy and stress free mommy is the mommy the kiddos want to see at the end of each day 😉
If you’re looking to start planning your day to help optimize your focus ability check out the FREE 90 Day Success Planner, it may be JUST what you’ve been looking for!
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