Mom life is BUSY… Have I said that once before?  It’s easy to get distracted throughout your day with this or that, the laundry, the dishes, the kids toys, the beeps of technology, dad coming home from work, making breakfasts, lunches, dinners, you name it mom life is craaaazy. BUT when you are a mompreneur there’s a whole new level of mania that must be managed.

When I first started my own online business I use to think I was busy all the time.  As I sit here and write this blog I laugh at my pre-mommy business owning self.  I had no idea what busy was.  Now that I am a full time mom, a full time business owner, and a full time made/cook/errand person, I have to be strategic with how I plan my days.  But when it comes to the mompreneur in me there are things I MUST constantly remind myself of in order to keep my head in the game and prioritized in my mom life and my business life.

There are 5 tips I want to share with you that help me daily as a mompreneur.  These tips are what I tell and remind all the moms I work with regularly when they are feeling tired, burnt out, or just down right defeated.  It’s ok to feel blue sometimes but you’ve got to pick yourself back up and keep trucking along because after all we do it for the kiddos 😉
1. Personal Development

I have talked about this point before but it truly is just so crucial to your business.  This is the most inexpensive way to learn and grow in your business.  No matter where you are in your journey there is someone out there who has already cross the bridge you are about to cross.  That same person likely has written a book about their journey specifically for you so that you can learn what they did wrong and avoid making the same mistakes.

Not only can personal development help your business grow but it helps keep you motivated, in touch with whats going on, and at ease knowing you are not alone in whatever you are currently struggling with.

Each day I highly recommend taking just TEN minutes to read some personal development.  Maybe you do it before your feet hit the floor, maybe you do it while the kids are eating, maybe it’s a nap time treat, or even a right before you go to bed thing.  Whenever you feel you’re more likely to accomplish this task MAKE time and dedicate yourself to learning through personal development.

If you’re looking for some personal development suggestions check out my Top 10 MUST Reads

2. Invest In Training

Full disclosure, when I first got into business I was the person who said “I’ve got this, I don’t need to spend money listening to someone else tell when what I already know”.  Man was I wrong.  I struggled in my first business for a good while before finally “giving in” to my mentor who kept saying “You need to invest in training”.  I  finally gave in after months of slow or no growth and went to a seminar with my mentor.  My mind was BLOWN!  There was literally so much stuff that I was doing “partly” correct but in the wrong ways.  Once my eyes were opened I began to become somewhat of a seminar junky feeding on all the information anyone could give me.

Over the years I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on trainings to help grow my business and I can honestly say not a single penny has been wasted.  Now i’m certainly NOT saying that you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars in order to be successful.  I would never ever suggest someone over stretch their budget to train with someone. But even if it’s something small, an online workshop, a free course, a webinar, a masters class, etc.  Whatever it is just take the time to invest your time, or money if you are able, into learning and growing through trainings others have to offer.  Just like with personal development I learned the hard way and I strive to make sure others don’t make the same mistakes I did.

If you’re just starting out or looking to get moving a littler faster but aren’t ready to book trainings with a $1-5K coach I have a 4 week training course for the busy mompreneur available at a less sticker shock pricing

3. Stay Committed 

On those days where you “just don’t wanna”… Do it anyway!
On those days where everything around you seems to be falling apart… stick to it!
On those days where the kids are driving you bonkers… deep breath and don’t give up!
On those days where you feel like nothing is getting accomplished… Keep plugging along!

There are always going to be times where you feel like nothing is happening, you might not be growing the way you thought you would be by now, maybe you are just stuck in a rut, I PROMISE things DO get better.  You just can NOT give up on yourself.

Do something little every day in your business to keep your momentum moving forward and in time you will see GREAT success!

4. Become OBSESSED With Your Business
Now I don’t mean work every minute of every day and ignore your mom life, your personal life, your everything else.  What I am saying is that when you find your “calling” dive in head first and don’t look back. When you’re working with with all your heart.  When you are sharing your business or opportunities share in a way that lets people know you are passionate and they could be too.  If what you’re doing isn’t something you can commit to or feel your excitement level rise at the thought of being able to do it you might be in the wrong business.
5. Remember Why You Started

When days get tough, when time constraints of mommy life prohibit the work schedule you had planned for that day-week-month, when the kids are more needy and you just can’t accomplish what you’d hoped to accomplish just take a deep breath and remember why you started your business.  Whether it was to help your family financially, maybe you wanted to turn your hobby into a career, maybe you wanted to leave your 9-5, maybe you wanted to have extra money to take the family on vacations, whatever your reason always keep it in mind.

I personally love to make “Dream Boards” to help stay focused, motivated, and remembering my number one goal.  A dream board, my way, is just printing out pictures of what you want to achieve when you reach certain goals in your business.  At the very top of my dream board I have a picture of my kiddo, he is the reason I started #MommiesOnAMission .  I wanted to be able to stay home full time with him, help others be able to start-run-grow their online businesses and stay home with your kids, all while earning a living.  From his picture I have pictures of things we will do when I hit my business goals.  Last year I had a picture of Disney for my kiddos first birthday, a trip to see my family, paying off half my car, being able to afford to invest more back into my business, leading calls, and so on.  Each goal that I hit I would cross off a dream board achievement.  If ever there was a time I just “didn’t wanna do anything” i’d look at the top of my dream board and remember why I am in business today.

Honestly, Mompreneur is a hard title to rock but I KNOW you will rock it well!

Until Next Time Mommas,