“How do you create so much content so quickly?”

“How do you just KNOW what to post?”

“How can you write 2-3-4 blogs in under an hour?”

“How do you type enough content for the whole month so quickly?”

These are all questions i’ve gotten from my clients.  Don’t worry, everyone wonders this at least once or twice during the start up, take off, or growth of their business.  If you google “how to create content” you will become LOST and confused with all the fancy spreadsheets, convoluted breakdowns, LISTS of things to help you come up with topics… I know I sure was when I first started out.

I spent hours online trying to come up with content. I looked through pinterest for tips like I was being paid to do so.  I checked out all sorts of blogs, forums, highly sought after mentors, and somehow creating bunches of content was this mystical unicorn that so many talked about but no one REALLY explained.

First and foremost you need to ask yourself what you want to accomplish when you share your content.

Do you want to meet your sales goals?

Do you want more reviews?

Do you want leads?

Do you want to attract your perfect client?

Are you showcasing your knowledge?

Do you want to find new customers?

This is just a short list of questions to ask yourself, by all means, decide what your purpose is and we can work towards it.
Think about how you want your content to help your business then we’ll break it down into more specific goals.
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Take a look at the goals you want to reach in your business for a few seconds.  Then think about what you will need to cover in order to achieve those goals.

For example: I’m a Business Strategist for the busy mompreneur.  The moms I help don’t have an unlimited amount of time in their day. They are working in pockets of time around the kiddos schedules.  When I am sharing how to successfully scale their business I’m talking in terms of short but beneficial bursts of productivity. So i’m teaching things like:

  • Time Management
  • Content Creation for batching
  • Organization for successful product/service launches
  • Tips for growth
  • Planning their next successful launch

What I did was pick 5 topics I know inside and out and I break them down into large topics and tailor them to what my goals are.

If you are looking to sell a product you might share a Facebook post about XYZ- foolproof plans to do it. You might share your link to your paid product, you might redirect them to a free opt-in that leads to a paid product, maybe you ask who is interested and then send them a message directly.

Unless you just enjoy being online at all hours of the day and night I suggest you learn what times your audience is online and looking to learn.  You might have to experiment a little at first to find out when you get the most engagement and what types of posts get the most engagement (post no picture, post with a picture, video, gif, blog, etc).

One thing to keep in the back of your mind is that consistency ALWAYS beats frequency.  What I mean is that if you are showing up every day and sharing with your audience you are making more of an impact than if you showed up for a week posting 4-5 times a day and then go AWOL for a month.  ​

This is where you will decide how best to share your amazeballs content.  If you tend to get long-winded with tons of great info you might think about blogging, videos, or even podcasts.  If you share quick tips, inspirational quotes, bits of your long content then you may think about just making a quick social media post.
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This part is where SOOOOOO many people drop the ball.  You need to TRACK, in some way, how your content is performing.  This helps you decide if you need to tweak something, eliminate something, share more on something, etc.  Take a look at your goals and figure out if you’re on track to meeting them.

​You might look at your page views, comments, likes, shares, the stats on your blog site, etc.  However, you do it make sure you are doing it EVERY WEEK!  A month or so into tracking you’ll start to see patterns of what is performing well and what isn’t and you can tweak your plan from there.

After I spent a ton of time looking through HUNDREDS of other content creation calendars that were so “intricate” well say I decided all the hubaloo needed to go and it needs to be made simple.   ​

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You are about to be AMAZED how much easier your business will be once your content is planned out.

This doesn’t need to be hard, it just takes some time to master.

​ I want to help you master it in 1/4 of the time it took me to do so! ​

Until Next Time,