You’re a business owner now, WAAAHOOOOO!! Now it’s time to get organized and run your business like you are a fortune five hundred company!

When it comes to your “work schedule” I KNOW it’s all over the place, you’re a mom 😉 BUT when you do have the chance to work you need to treat your business like a business.  You should have a plan of “attack” to accomplish what needs done in order to reach your goals.

While mompreneur life isn’t the easiest it’s not impossible.  I’ve put together a list of 10 habits you should get into, if you haven’t already, in order to see max results from your work!
1. Start Fresh Every Day
No matter what struggles you had yesterday in your business they happened yesterday.  Start each day with a clean slate/attitude so that your mind is clear and you can focus on making new waves.
2. Provide Value Daily 
Every day that you are sharing information with your audience make sure you are sharing value.  Don’t simply post a photo of your product or a “buy me now” post.  Offer something to your audience that will in some way impact their day/week/year/life.  If the oils you sell somehow get your work juices flowing and keep your focused share how you are turning on your diffuser to help keep you motivated and diving into work.  If your superfood shake keeps you awake and full so that you can focus on your tasks share how you wont have to worry about lunch since you have your shake ready to go for your work session.  You’re not saying “buy me” in other share but you have showed that the two products have in some way benefit you and your audience will see how they could potentially benefit from using the products too.  VALUE! ​
3. Keep A Master List Of To-Do’s
While you will always work from a daily To-Do list it is a great idea to keep a “master” to do list of big projects or tasks that need completed.  This is super handy because you can pause at any point and add something to that list, a do later, so that you don’t have to stop your work flow and complete it then.  Once it’s on the master To-Do list you can come back to it, work it into to your next schedule block, or save it for a later date when you have more time to focus on it.  This helps free up the work time you have going on and frees your mind from constantly trying to remember to come back to XYZ project.
4. Thank Your Customers
Your audience is made up of customers who love your products, use your products, refer your products and every once in awhile they love to hear they are appreciated (everyone does).  Every once in awhile share how thankful you are for your customers, their loyalty, their encouragement, their you name it.  It is always nice to feel appreciated (no one knows this better than a mom). By sharing your appreciation for your customers you will create positivity amongst you, your business, and the type of sales person you are.  ​
5. Collect E-mail Addresses
If you aren’t already capturing e-mail addresses I HIGHLY suggest you do it NOW, like YESTERDAY NOW!  If you want to get tips on how to grow your e-mail list check out my blog here –> Grow Your E-mail List <–  By collecting e-mails you can easily share your offers, you can communicate one-one with your audience, you have the ability to be heard by those who are interested in your products specifically, you don’t have to worry about a social media platform changing and your audience not seeing what you share, and you have the ability to get feedback from those who want what you have the most.
6. Send A Newsletter

Now that you are collecting e-mail addresses you should be regularly corresponding with those who have entrusted their e-mail addresses to you. **While I don’t suggest e-mailing your list “daily” I do suggest you take notes each day that you can share with them on the days you decide are best to e-mail them**

​Share with them struggles, successes, new products, new ways to use products, client success stories, whatever they want to hear share it with them.  A weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletter can be such an easy way to remain connected with your audience and offer them exactly what they are looking for.  ​

7. Use Social Media To Engage Your Audience
You have social media platforms easily at your fingertips, it’s time to put them to work!  Social media can be the BIGGEST blessing for your business because your audience is there and ready to listen.  They are scrolling through Facebook, IG, Pinterest, Linked In, etc DAILY.  Why not share with them what you have going on.  The more value you offer, the more they will remember you in association with your product, the more they are likely to purchase from you, the more they will refer you when you their friends are looking for what you offer.  The possibilities are endless through the use of social media.  ​
8. Listen To Your Audience
When you are wondering what you should be offering your audience simply ask them.  Ask them via e-mail, social media platform, or in person.  Ask how you can best serve them and then provide.  When you are giving your audience what they want the most you are creating life long customers.  ​
9. Read Personal Development 
I promise you, whatever you are struggling with someone else has already struggled through it and will have written a book about it.  READ THAT BOOK!  Avoid making simple mistakes by constantly exploring the ways of others who are more successful than you.  If you are looking for book suggestions check out my –> Top 10 MUST Read Personal Development Books <–
10. Always Learn 
NEVER, I repeat NEVER stop learning.  I promise you do not know everything there is to know about business.  Those fortune 500 companies don’t know all there is to know about business but they make it a point to always invest in themselves and their businesses through training.  I’m certainly NOT saying spend 5K on a training seminar if thats not in your families budget but I do suggest you find some sort of training that will help take your business to the next step. Hire a business coach, take an online course, take a college course. No matter what you decide to do just do something that will keep you moving forward.  I have a 4 Week Training Course For the Busy Mompreneur –>   4 Week Training   <–   For those moms who know they are meant for more and want to get started building their businesses without struggling to figure out what puzzle pieces their missing.  I share video tutorials, step by step instructions, outlines, interactive handouts, and unlimited support for those who are READY to dive into a business!
No matter where you are in your business its a good idea to develop healthy habits for your work day!

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​