Marketing can be difficult if you don’t have a strategy.
You need to market your business in order to:
  • Increase awareness and get the word out that you have something AWESOME to offer
  • Gain more leads
  • Gain more customers and in turn more sales
There are so many ways to market your business today, TONS of ways.  Today I want to talk about 5 SUPER EASY ways you can share your business with large numbers of people!
1. Social Media
With social media the possibilities are literally endless.  You have the ability to reach your audience on a multitude of platforms.  Simply pick your platforms and beginning sharing the value your product has to offer.
2. Email Your List
If you have a list, which you should, this is a perfect way to market your business.  The people on your list have already subscribed to your information, they want what you have to offer, so share what you’ve got with those who want it the most.
If you don’t already have a list yet check out the 5 top reasons why you should start one here
3. Ask For Referrals
This is an easy way to market without being pushy.  Reach out to your friends, family, acquaintances, business associates, etc. and let them know that you have something you’d love to share.  Let them know that if they know anyone who might be interested you’d love to chat with them. ​
4. Host Free Trainings 
Record a quick video, do a live stream, do a snapchat/IG story, type something out, whatever you prefer and share it with your audience.  At the end of your trainings promote what you have in order to help those interested in continuing to further themselves or their interests.
5. Attend Networking Events
There are a number of places entrepreneurs go to get together.  You can use social media to get in touch with others in your area. You can do in person meet and greets or you could do virtual meet and greets.  This allows you the chance to meet new people, share your business, and network with others. ​
You have the tools, now its time to get to work!

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​

P.S. I’d love to hear from you, what are you favorite ways to market your business?