What is the #1 thing you hope to achieve from all your hard work in your business?
Freedom? Financial growth so that you may do what you want when you want? Creating a life you’ve always dreamed of? Having the ability to stay home with your kiddos? 
Whatever your #1 goal is it requires you to grow your network in order to achieve those goals.
There are TONS of ways to grow your network, like bazillions!  Today I want to cover 3 ways to grow your network so that you are authentic.
 1. Market Yourself
Get on social media platforms and share your knowledge.  You are the expert in your field and it’s time that people knew who you were.  Get into groups and share your knowledge with others.  Make yourself known as the guru on your topic.  Pick two social media platforms that you are the best at/you enjoy use/ that you’re audience is on the most and master those platforms.  Share what you have with others.  Offer your freebies, products, and info with others.  Actively engaging with your audience DAILY is KEY to growing.  If you are simply jumping on here and there, sharing when it’s convenient for you your audience will be less likely to follow your info.  Get on your platforms and be consistently sharing!
2. Find & Follow Relevant People
Find other groups/people in your niche that you can connect with.  Find others who have succeeded in what your doing and follow them. Learn from those you follow and grow from what they teach.  Chances are you are not the first person to venture out in your market and someone has already made a dozen mistakes.  Learn from those mistake so that you avoid making the same mistakes.  Find people who are on your level of business and grow with them; encourage one another to reach your goals.
3. Keep In Touch
Once you’ve found “your people” keep in touch with them.  Your people might include mentors, others who are on your level, your audience who is looking for info from you.  Whoever they are make it a point to connect with them on a personal level.  Ask how they are, ask how they are doing, ask how you can help them, ask how you can support them.  Be authentic and genuine when talking to others.  People want to know that when they are talking to someone that their lives are important to.  By creating relationships with people you build a solid foundation.  When those people trust you they are far more likely to invite others to your network because they know that you not only offer AMAZING content but you are a wonderful person.
Like I said there are a bazillion ways to grow your network but you’ll want to master these three specific ways in order to build a solid foundation for moving forward.

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