Facebook groups can be so much fun or they can be a terrifying place.  I mean there are some mom groups out there that simply can turn my stomach sour just reading some of the things being share… I have no doubt one just came to your mind. But today i’m NOT talking about a traditional “mommy group” I’m talking about Facebook groups that can actually HELP you grow your business.
Facebook now has MILLIONS of users, which means that you have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in your particular niche. Facebook groups particularly can give you a personal connection with those who are interested in what you have to share, so utilize it! ​
Groups Can:
  • Help you connect with others who are interested in your business, product, information, etc.
  • They allow you to collaborate with others
  • They are a great space to ask your audience what they would like from you
  • They can offer a great support system
  • They are a great tool for making other mompreneur friends
  • You can also promote your offers to those who ARE interested in what you have to share
Whether you are starting your own business group or you are joining another’s business group be sure to genuinely interact with others in the group. YES Facebook groups are a GREAT way to promote your products, but if you aren’t making connection with others in the groups you will just be known as the spammer that no one will turn to for your specific niche.  ​​
  • When you first join a Facebook group be sure to read the rules outlined for the group.  MOST business Facebook groups will have rules on promotions, engagement, when to share, how to share, what to share, etc. it is key to be respectful of those rules.
  • Use the groups you join to share your knowledge.  Back to what I said a few minutes ago, don’t simply join groups to promote your products because you’ll look spammy.  When you share what you know with others you will be helping others grow their businesses and answering questions that maybe some have been to afraid to ask.  When you do this you become known for what you can teach.  This will make your name known for a certain topic and will attract others to you when they have other questions you have proven to know much on.
  • Promote what you have when appropriate.  Many groups have days or threads where you can showcase what you have to offer.  Use these days/threads to your advantage. While many of the groups you’re in are business focused there are also people in those groups who are looking to learn about what you teach/share.  When you share what you have you encourage others to work with you which can lead to sales. You can use promo threads (depending on the rules) to share your freebies, latest blogs, business page, other social media platforms, paid products etc.  When you share on threads like these do NOT simply share a link to your product/group/business paget/etc.  Make the post irresistible.  Write thing like “Learn more about xyz here/ New Blog/ Live Event/More details over xyz”. One final thing to remember here is to not simply share your stuff and duck out, remember to go and like/share/engage with others on the thread.
  • Use Facebook groups to make long term connections. You can connect with other amazing mompreneurs who you can work with one on one. Bounce ideas off each other, be guest bloggers/presenters on each others pages, collaborate for a product, etc.  I know in my group #MommiesOnAMission we are ALWAYS looking for guest presenters for our Wine Wednesday calls (If you’d like to be a guest presenter come join us –> #MommiesOnAMission <-- and lets chat about you presenting!
So let’s recap- Facebook groups are a GREAT way to grow your business by:
  • Making connections
  • Sharing Information
  • Collaborating
  • Sharing your products
  • Engaging and become the IT person for your topic
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Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​​

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