Do you like setbacks?  NO!  What kind of question is that?  No, No one likes setbacks.
But many people hit setbacks along their journey and those setbacks that are big enough will 100% de-rail them from the journey they were on.  Some may even let a setback completely stop them from moving forward in any capacity.    ​​
I do NOT want that to happen to you!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit MIA …. like non existent on my blog here for just over a month.  I had some MAJOR setbacks recently…  #Irma #WeddingPlanning #MomLife YES I totally just hash-tagged my setbacks lol.  But for real, September was really hard evacuating, returning, having no power, no internet, no way to cook or clean, no routine for little man, the Mr. had a rough time at work, we decided to plan a wedding sooner rather than later, the returning of power and trying to get back into a routine, me not working for over a month, it was NUTS!

I could have easily just said “This just isn’t working out, I’m done”  or “I just don’t have time for my business, I’m going to let it fizzle out” BUT I do NOT let setbacks get to me.  I can’t them as learning lessons along my journey to success and I want you to do the same! ​

SO lets work through your setbacks rather than letting them STOP you from moving forward! ​
  • Acknowledge that it happened –  Seriously, it’s ok to feel badly, have negative thoughts, to have a mini pitty party for yourself.  Actually its very important to do all of the aforementioned things.  If you simply pretend like the setbacks didn’t you will become angry and frustrated shortly down the road.  So take the time you need to acknowledge, accept, and work through your setback.
  • Re-adjust your frame of mind – While it has been acknowledged that setbacks SUCK they are actually small steps towards progress in your near future.  Every major life lesson you’ve have I can promise it was first associated with some experience NOT so fun- a setback.  When you reach a setback and have acknowledged its occurrence remind yourself that it is just temporary and you WILL come out the other side in better shape because of it!
  • Strategize – Now is the PERFECT time to make plans for your comeback from this setback.  You may reach out to your biz bestie, maybe other mompreneurs, maybe your mentor, etc.  See advice on moving forward and make a plan to do just that.
  • Take Action – Once you’ve worked through the frustration of the setback, you have realigned your mind, and you’ve made a plan to rebound from the setback put the plan into action!  Focus on the good that is occurring- your making progress, you didn’t quit, you are coming back bigger and better than before.  Whatever it is that drives you put it into action.
Now, NEVER give up on what you KNOW you want most!

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​​