Last week we talked about handling setbacks.  We talked tips and tricks on how not to let setbacks keep you down and how to move forward with excellence.  But I had someone ask me about starting over…It’s OK to start over!
Do NOT think that starting over means that you have in someway failed! Starting over can be the best thing for you sometimes.  
Starting over can be healthy, necessary, and exciting if you really want to get down to it.  ​
Before I had my kiddo I was in a wonderful online health & fitness business.  I loved what I did, I loved working out, I loved helping people start and succeed in their health & fitness journeys, oooo and I made pretty good money doing it to.  BUT I got preggo, I had little mr., I realized that the mom life priorities were not the same as the single lady priorities.  While I still love working out and being healthy overall on our own home I had lost the fire I’d once had for my business.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed to do but I knew it wasn’t health & fitness.  I had to start over from scratch while raising a tiny human.  I had to start over.  It was literally the BEST decision I’ve ever made and I KNOW you can do the same if you find yourself in that position.  ​
Starting over doesn’t mean that you failed in a negative way, I can’t say that enough!  Starting over means you have found a new passion, a new direction, a new drive and you are about to take off running.  
When you start to doubt yourself remember that you CAN and WILL survive anything so long as you keep your chin up and keep moving forward!
Are you starting over?  I’d love to know what your next big venture is going to be!  Leave a comment below and lemme know what you’re doing next!

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​