I have two clients I’m working with right now who were very concerned when we first started together that their spouses weren’t going to be supportive of them and their business ventures.  One had not even told her husband that she started a business and the other had said her husband never asks how she’s doing or wants to hear about her business.  Their concerns were very legit and hold so many moms back from the mompreneur life.  It hurts my heart to hear that spouses are not supportive when it comes to wanting to start a business, but it’s a real fact.

I’ll be fully honest with you, my husband has no idea what I do. No joke, he knows that I run my business, he knows what my income is, he knows that I film videos, write a BUNCH on my computer, and that I run a FB group #MommiesOnAMission.  But beyond that I promise you he has no idea what I actually do. He couldn’t tell anyone what I teach or how I help mompreneurs, I don’t know that he has been to my website since I held my phone in front of his face and showed him that I remodeled my website by myself, I guarantee he’s never read a single one of my blogs, and I don’t think he could tell you what programs or offers I have.

Does this mean he doesn’t love me?  Absolutely not!  Does it means he’s unsupportive, not technically, he’s just not involved or, what I assume, interested in any way.  But I LOVE what I do, I LOVE watching my clients have breakthroughs, when someone i’m working with hits a BIG goal I literally light up and he does notice i’m more excited.  He just isn’t into the niddy gritty of what I do.

Back to my two clients, their concerns are valid, does that mean they should hold themselves back from chasing their dreams because their husbands might not care for their businesses NO!  I never advise any client to pursue something that would destroy their marriage. But, I do know what it’s like to have a desire so strong in the pit of your stomach that you physically feel empty without following through with it.

It’s amazing when you have support from your friends, your family, your spouse; it makes your entrepreneurial life sooooooo much easier.  Does that mean it’s something you absolutely need to have in order to be a success?  HELL NO! I promise you this, you are going to have haters, you are going to encounter naysayers, you are going to have people tell that you’re going to fail so why even try.  These words hurt only if you let them.  You can live in a world that you design if you’re willing to work for it. The impossible comes through when you push towards your goals with all your “umph”.

Does your spouse need to “support” your very step for you to succeed? No.  Do they need to continue to love you every minute of your journey? YES 😉

Talk to your spouse, tell them what you want to do, tell them your dreams, let them be part of it all, but if they’re not 100% as gunho over it as you are don’t let that hold you back from chasing your dreams!

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