There are days as an entrepreneur you sit and wonder if what your doing is even making a difference. Sitting at your computer, plugging away, checking in, making posts, sharing opportunities, some days it might seem like you’re getting nowhere and you might feel like quitting.  


I’m here to tell you that every little step you take leads to great success overall and I want to share a bit of reality with you.  You might not feel like it now but I promise there will be windows and doors opening all around you if you simply keep plugging away.  One of my all time favorite quotes is “It’s not the big things that add up in the end; it’s the hundreds, thousands, or millions of little things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary”. This quote comes out of Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect.  The Compound Effect was the very first “business” book I ever read.  I can remember sitting at my desk at work, I had just been presented with a business opportunity, I thought just how much I hated the job I was in and even more I hated the two-hour commute each way. A business coach I knew recommended Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect  to me so I stopped on my drive home that night and bought it.  

Not only did I stop and buy The Compound Effect that night but I started and finished the book. I was blown away by how much sense the book made.  Every little thing you do every day leads to bigger things down the road.  I knew I needed a change in my life, I knew I wanted a new job, I knew I wanted a life with more freedoms, and I knew I was never going to get there unless I took a leap.  

I did leap, I started a health & fitness business, I quit my job in the city, I packed up everything and moved across country, and I attended a number of business conferences that changed my life forever. I met my Biz Bestie and Best Friend 4 years ago at one of the conferences and that would never have happened had I not LEAPED! Every day I took small steps to grow my network, grow my clients, and grow my income.  

I decided I needed to be back on the East Coast and closer to family so I landed my fanny in Florida where I met the most amazing man, who is now my husband. That step landed us prepping for our handsome little man and that came with all kinds of other steps where I thought about whether I wanted to continue in the health & fitness world or if I wanted to branch off into something I was far more passionate about —> Teaching moms how to start, run, and grow 6 figure online businesses <—.  Right after our son was born I decided I needed a change. I won’t lie and say it was easy, it was terrifying, I had many doubts, I thought many nights about how crazy it seemed to stop one business to start another.  But I had a fire in my belly (do you have that feeling?) and I was being called to do more.  I launched I founded #MommiesOnAMission on Facebook and I rebranded myself as a Business Coach & Content Creation Strategist.  This was honestly what I was doing as a health & fitness coach, I had a team of coaches who I helped create businesses of their own through what they shared, how they shared, business advancement strategies and so much more. I had a passion to help so many more moms than only those who wanted to focus on health & fitness.  

The entire process was scary but every single day I got out there with my new brand, I got out there and I shared, I got out there and talked to moms, I shared my story, I shared my knowledge, I created products, I built my group #MommiesOnAMission, and every little step I took has lead to the thriving coaching business I have now.  It has lead to an amazing group of mompreneurs that I get to help and work with every single day.  It has lead to an amazing sense of growth i’ve felt having watched it grow.  

Even on the days where I didn’t feel like I was making a difference I took little steps forward, just like I had learned to do in The Compound Effect and never once have I regretted starting out and taking that leap of faith.  

So I want you to know that I KNOW it can be scary, I KNOW that some days it really just doesn’t feel like it’s worth it, I KNOW there are days where it feels like no one is watching, but every little step you taking is driving you forward towards much bigger things!  “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”.  Get up every day and do something, no matter how small it is, that will lead you towards your bigger goals!

If you’re dying to get started on that journey, if you’re ready to move to the next level, I want you to Start Building Your Business Today with my 4 Week “Build Your Online Business” for the busy mom course.  

But I really want to know, tell me in the comments below, are you taking steps each and every day to move yourself forward, your business forward, are you working towards your goals? If not why not? There’s no right or wrong answer 😉 

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