Burnout is a real thing. Whether you’ve been in your Network Marketing business for 3 months or 3 years you have more than likely had a moment where you’ve thrown your hands up in frustration and quit. If you haven’t yet …. you will. In four years I’ve “quit” my business at least 8 times. However, I keep coming back to it and pushing through the hard times. So what keeps me going? What keeps me coming back to my business despite all of the frustrations I face? What reminds me that I love what I do and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else? 

I had to sit down and really think about these questions. Although I continuously reconnect with my “WHY” (which is a major part of why I continue to do what I do) there were other, simpler, things that were keeping me in love with my life and business (which to me are one in the same.) Most of these tips are personal revelations I’ve had along the way and I am so grateful that I get to share them with you today. I want everyone reading this to remain in love with their Network Marketing business for the long haul, even when the times get tough, because the only way you can fail at this is if you quit.  I am a true believer that Network Marketing is one of the best business models for work at home mothers out there today. So how can you remain committed and beat the burnout ?

  1. Stop doing shit you hate doing.  Network Marketing is great business model for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the flexibility. Although I am sure you have a set of policies you have to abide by, for the most part, the operations side (how you get your sales and build your business) is up to you. Most companies nowadays don’t require you to do parties, but you can. They don’t require you to do events, but you can. They don’t require you to do one on ones, but you can. My point being, any good company is going to give you options to run your business on your terms. So why do we feel like we have to do parties, events, and/or one on ones to succeed? The truth is you can get creative and develop a way to run your business that works for you and that you LOVE. I, for one, despise parties. I was scheduling 5-10 online parties a month and it was draining me. I was bored. I was dreading each party that came up, and that resulted in me dropping the ball on many of them, because I just didn’t want to do it. What a revelation when I realized … duh … I don’t HAVE to do this to succeed. I now do ONE party a month, and I’m good with that. I enjoy it. Guess what, my sales are better too. Don’t let other people tell you that you have to do things a certain way to succeed. If you fucking hate doing events .. don’t do them. Now, of course, that’s not to say you can do nothing and succeed, but you can choose WHAT you do to succeed and enjoy it. You will be more productive when you are passionate about how you are accomplishing your goals . 
  2. Brake and Brake Often . Literally, pump the brakes. Working from home can be your best friend and it can be your worst enemy. Anyone who is successful working from home puts in more hours than a 9 to 5. I think we can all attest to that. However, when is enough … enough ? If you find yourself forgetting to eat, your eyes are bloodshot from too much screentime, your inspiration has left you, you have no idea what your kids have destroyed in your house (or if its still standing) and you’ve been scrolling Facebook for the last hour without an inkling of what the hell you are actually trying to accomplish, it’s probably time to step away from your desk. Breaking is okay. It’s not just okay, it’s necessary. Set work hours. Maybe you can’t set an entire 3 hour work schedule consecutively. That’s okay. Break it up. Make your schedule work for you, not the other way around. Get some fresh air. Read a magazine. Watch your shows. Whatever will get your mind off of work for a while, do that. Then come back with fresh eyes later. I promise you your inspiration will come back, and you will feel ready to get the next task accomplished. Plus your business will no longer be draining you, it will be fulfilling you. 
  3. Nix the Negativity . There is nothing more detrimental to a network marketing biz than surrounding yourself with people in your business that have nothing but negative shit to say. They are literally, everywhere. People that aren’t succeeding that want to drag everyone else down into the fruitless trenches with them. Stop getting sucked into it. Every company out there, every business out there, has things happen that just aren’t ideal. It’s how we respond to these temporary obstacles that will define our path to success. If you are seeing people complain constantly. If you are complaining with them. If you find yourself thinking nothing but negative thoughts about what you do, take inventory of who you are surrounding yourself with and make some major changes. I am no stranger to immediately unfollowing people and groups that threaten my vibe. Your vibe attracts your tribe, but your TRIBE also attracts your VIBE. Find people in your company that are succeeding and are truly happy with the business. They are out there. They are succeeding because they have good business practices, and I bet you my next paycheck, they are finding the silver lining in every situation. They are beaming positivity. They are not focusing on stupid shit that doesn’t matter. They’re leveling up, and their attitude, and who they have in their tribe is a major part of that. I dare you to start weeding out the negative people from your business and your life. You will be so much happier with where you are in your business. You will see things in a totally different way. You will love what you do because you aren’t being told on a daily basis all the reasons why you shouldn’t. 

Loving your business, loving your life, really all comes down to mindset. What are you feeding your mind? How are you taking care of the energy around you? When you create a routine that is full of things that you love to do, give yourself time to recharge and refresh, and you shred the negativity you will discover that it’s easier to just know you are where you should be. Take care of yourself first and everything else is going to fall into place. Love yourself first and loving your business is going to come right along with that. Burnout happens when we’re not giving ourselves the proper nutrition (mind, body and soul) to persevere. 

Meet The Author

Mandi is a work at home mother of 4 (including twin boys!) She has been in Network Marketing for 4 years and has reached the top 1% of her company during that time. She recently retired her husband from the military with her income from her at home network marketing business. She also loves living in the country, is a midwest girl, lives on Diet Dr. Pepper, reading, and binge watching true crime shows. 

Love your business! Love yourself! You can find her at www.itsmemandi.com and also on YouTube , Facebook and Instagram! Just search “It’s Me Mandi” OR “Mandi Howard”. She looks forward to talking with you soon! 

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