AHHHH I’m so excited!

Last Tuesday Was OFFICIALLY At Home Entrepreneurs FIRST Birthday!

I totally celebrated with cake! But for the next minute- or so – I’m totally going to get sappy and real with you.

AHE was born shortly after my son was. I was working for an MLM, that I love and have the utmost respect for and still am apart of today, but realized as a mom who ate McDonalds for most of my pregnancy (that’s legit the only thing I could keep down.. makes me gag thinking about it) I was not in LOVE with telling people how they should eat in order to be healthy.

Sure, I LOVED growing my business, I LOVED bringing people into my team and showing them how they could also create an AMAZING income from home, but I was no longer in love with running fitness groups where I basically had to BEG people to respond to me about how they ate that week. I was so much better at the business side.

One late night in November 2016, after I put the baby to bed, I had a FaceTime chat with my biz bestie Nicole (who I met through the mlm) basically ugly crying about how it just didn’t fulfill me and I knew that I wanted something more. We chatted for a long time and she gave me some great advice then told me to sleep on it; so that’s what I did. The next two days I worked hard on coming up with what REALLY made me excited, what I got most excited about, I made a TON of lists. I poured my heart into a notebook as if I was submitting my dissertation all over again (yeaaaa I have big fancy degrees that I don’t use).

When I was done making my super long lists I got back on a call with my biz bestie and it was a totally interview process. She wanted me to go through everything and she was going to see what TRULY lit up my soul; it was a really long call. I got to the section where I had really elaborated about how I loved my current business (my health & fitness business) but only the business building side. I loved teaching women, and now more importantly to me moms, how to grow online businesses. I was an entrepreneur, I worked at home, I was a brand new mom learning to juggle and balance EVERYTHING, and it literally hit me—— At Home Entrepreneur was my direction.

I had clarity and purpose for the first time in a very long time. I felt a FIRE in my belly that I hadn’t felt in so long. I was EXCITED to work on something that I KNEW was going somewhere. Over the next 5 months I stayed up late night building a website (this was a total experience and HARD for my non technical ass), I created #MommiesOnAMission and started sharing that, I started a blog, I created freebies, landing pages, biz taxes, names, and so much more. BUT I did NOT launch and SELL a paid product until 1 year ago today; the day AHE officially was in business. I had created a half dozen products but couldn’t bring myself to launch one because I was nervous, terrified, nauseous over the “what if I fail and no-one buys anything from me”. The thing was I KNEW I was really good at teaching the biz aspect, id been doing it successfully for 3 years. I was just terrified to launch out on my own.

But one late night I bit the bullet and put my very first product out there onto the interwebs and then pulled up my big girl britches and “promo’d” it in a BIG group where I thought “this is just going to be white noise, no ones gunna see it but here goes”. Not minutes after I “officially” shared it someone messaged me and then BOUGHT my 100 Days of Content In Minutes workbook. I wont lie I almost peed my pants and then I cried for like an hour in excitement.

I was officially in business and turning a profit that night, it might have only been a few dollars but it very quickly grew from that day on. I launched a few more products, a few courses, and my coaching services shortly after that day and was booking clients. My late night cry session with my biz bestie turned into a full fledged business that literally lights my soul on fire to get up and work it. I’ve helped over 350 women expand their businesses over the past year. Some of my clients were making just $100 a month and are now making 10-20K a month. I’ve got others that I’ve worked with who literally had ZERO idea what they wanted to do when they found me but they knew they wanted to change their lives and help others.

I want that for you! I want you’re soul to be set on fire when you open your laptop. I want you to wake up with purpose and and excitement each and every day. I want you to be able to stay home with the kids, take that dream vacation, redesign your house, save for the kids future, save for your future, design a life that gets you excited, whatever it is that lights you up I want that for you.

Because I’ve been in biz OFFICIALLY for 1 year I want to offer you all a super secret SPECIAL offer!

My dreams became a reality and I want yours to become a reality too! I think every mom should have something that lights her up (besides her kids of course).

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BTW if you’re an introvert and you don’t already follow my biz bestie Nicole Kringstad you totally should!!

Her group The Badass Business Introverts is the place to be if you’re looking to connect with some other introverts in business like yourself!!!