So last week I celebrated my 1st full year in business, and YES I totally had cake 🎂 I poured my heart out in my story and yeaaaa I know it was a little long BUT so many of you snagged the super offer —> ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL <— and are READY to build your own dreams starting NOW.

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Well, I told you all about my journey over the past year but what I realized is, I never told you about the LESSONS I’ve learned in the last year. Sure, I’ve been in the entrepreneurial world for a good long while but I’ve always had the safety net of a company backing me until I decided to go off on my own. I’ll be honest, it was a totally different world once I marched out on my own. I learned some AMAZING lessons throughout the last year and I just felt like I needed to share them with you.

  1. My FIRST and BIGGEST lesson from the past year is “DON’T GIVE A SHIT”. Seriously, don’t care what others think about what you’re doing, don’t listen to the naysayers, don’t listen to the negative Nancy’s who are pee green with jealousy over the fact you grew a pair and decided to better your future. When you spend time listening to the negative Nancy’s you start to believe them and that sets you back in your progress. They make you second guess yourself and they hold you back from reaching your potential. STOP GIVING A SHIT WHAT OTHERS THINK!
  2. Stay In Your Own Lane- This one is so important. Sometimes when were traveling along our journey we see someone else in a similar situation we are in and then we see them shoot forward. It’s tempting to try and “copy” or “mimick” or “adapt” what they are doing to fit what you are doing. But what happens when you try to be like someone else is you lose who you are, you also lose interest from those clients who like you for you. Be you, be unapologetically you, be authentically you ALL the time!
  3. Unfollow Those Who You Are Jealous Of- If you find yourself stalking people on IG or FB or Twitter, etc. that you can’t seem to get past unfollow them so they don’t show up in front of your face all the time. I realized this early on because there were other coaches who I followed on FB who were promising BIG things for a LARGE dollar amount. The glitz and glimmer sometimes catches my eye and I invest. Well the sad thing was those coaches were promising poop and I spent a lot of money to find out. The worst thing is, every time they shared something going forward I rolled my eyes or stalked their pages for more details and sat with a glass of wine trying to figure out why my stuff wasn’t as wildly successful when I was giving a TON more info that was actually helping people. Don’t do that! Unfollow them and move on with your day. You’ll thank me for that 😉
  4. Make Real Connections- Seriously, this one is HUGE if you want to move your business forward. In order to attract the right people into your network you must talk to people. I’ll be the first to admit, as a HUGE introvert, this one is really hard some days but it is so crucial. Don’t just go into groups promo your stuff and ditch. Go in, say hi, intro yourself, and try to meet actual people!
  5. You Don’t Need It All To Make It- Will you need the website, and the logo, and the fancy photo shoots, and the lead pages, and the funnels, and the …. You fill in the blank. Sure, in time. Right now you need a way to get your info out there and a way to accept payments, the end. Everything else will come in time but if you’re just starting out take your time and grow as your income grows!
  6. You NEED A Coach, But You Don’t Have To Go Broke Hiring One- For REALLLLLLLL you DO need a coach to help keep you accountable, help you grow, help move your business forward towards the goals that you have envisioned. BUT you do NOT need to take out a second mortgage on your house to do it, you do NOT need to max out a credit card to do it, you do NOT need to dip into the kids college fun to do it, you do NOT have to decided if you’re paying your rent/mortgage or hiring a coach. Come on now! All the coaches out there today telling you that you won’t be successful unless you shell out 10K right now should be put into a ring and only allowed to pitch to one another. Are there coaches worth 10K ABSOLUTELY!!!! Do you need to hire one of those 10K when you’re just starting out in order to be successful? F*&K NO! Be smart, invest as you can, make it a goal to hire that “dream coach” when you hit XYZ goal. But NEVER feel like the only way you’re going to be successful is if you go broke or into further debt in order to work with one!

Take from this what you will, but these weren’t the easiest of lessons to learn and I’m ALL about teaching from my mistakes to help you avoid them 😉


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