Are you struggling with your Facebook groups?
Do you want to run your head through a wall because you can’t seem to get people to engage?
Do you feel like no matter what you do no one seems to respond?
Your group hasn’t grown in ages, or if it has it’s been by a small handful?
Do you think Facebook is evil and is blocking what you have to share?

Ok, well the last point can be sorta true at times, but the other points don’t have to be a struggle and I want to show you how. BUT first you need to have an open and honest conversation with yourself about a few things before giving up on your endeavors.

I want you to take a good hard look at what you’re sharing in your groups
1. Is it valuable or are you simply sharing “stuff” to fill the newsfeed
2. Are you sharing consistently. REALLY, every single day consistently
3. Are you asking your group for feedback
4. Are you giving your audience what they want/need to hear
5. Is there are lot of promotions with no previous value to lead up to “here buy my stuff”

Once you’ve asked yourself the hard questions I want you to see what areas need work.

So how do you make your FB group engaging??

1. Share VALUE, share VALUE, share VALUE– did you get that? Give more than you ask of those in your community. Don’t think you have anything valuable to say? Then you need to check out Content Is Cash AcademyΒ to really figure out how to connect with your audience.

2. Give your people what they want to hear– if you don’t know what it is they want to hear… ASK THEM! Create a poll in your group and ask your audience what they want to hear from you! This part is not rocket science I pinky promise πŸ˜‰

3. Run challenges– once a month, or multiple times a month, run challenges where it asks those in your group to participate in some capacity. Make sure you are, again, providing value in these challenges. But give people a reason to want to engage

4. Go LIVE– Yes, you heard me, turn on the camera, watch it count down from 3, and then give them something fun to listen to. I don’t care if you get on to teach, talk, or simply say “let’s hang out and do a Q&A”. Just go live so that they see your face, know who you are, and can really connect with YOU as a person!

5. Let others go live– This has been my favorite thing I did all year in #MommiesOnAMission. If you’re not in my group –> #MommiesOnAMission <– you better click that link and see what all is going on! Back to #5 now. Letting other people show case their work and information gets them excited to participate, listen, and contribute. Let other people share their knowledge in your group. It doesn’t hurt your business in anyway, it simply makes you seem more Badass because you’re support others in their dreams!

Facebook groups are NOT for everyone and every business. I work with a number of women who have absolutely no use for a facebook group. So if you’re on the edge of deciding whether to start a group or let yours go think about if it’s really benefiting you and your purse. Rule of thumb: If it’s not something that will lead to money or that you 100% love don’t do it πŸ˜‰

Do you have favorite ways to engage with your audience in your Facebook group? Leave it in the comments below!