Do you know what passive income is??

It’s the money you make on AUTOPILOT!

Yup, you heard me. It’s the money you’re making without doing anything. You could literally be making money in your sleep. I don’t know about you but I made money in my sleep last night. I woke up to $165 in little sales. Do you want to know how you can do that too? It really is super simple to do!

First: Why passive income? I’m sure you have these grand plans of creating these amazing high dollar products that you’ll sell and people will love. But while you’re making those products, pitching those products, warming people up to those products, why not make money in the background on Autopilot?

Passive income products aren’t anything SUPER extravagant. They are a low price point item that people purchase that offers great value but allows then to know whether or not they really want to invest in your larger items. These items are anywhere from $7-$57. Now, that might seem like a small dollar amount but remember the figure I mentioned above? I made $165 in my sleep last night off a $15 item. I literally didn’t have to do anything to earn that. I created this AMAZING product once “100 Days Of Content In Minutes” and now it sells itself. It’s something I offer when people sign up for my free items. It’s something people are offered when they sign up for my larger courses. It’s something people find in Facebook groups and think šŸ¤” yup, I NEED that.

The beauty of passive income items too is that you can always increase the price as the value of the product increases. My 100 Days Of Content In Minutes Workbook started out as a $5 item and only 4ish pages long. Now its $15 and is closer to 20 pages long. I have gone in and made revisions and add to it along the way. This single workbook has earned me THOUSANDS of dollars in my business. <– I’m not bragging, I’m simply showing you how one LITTLE product can earn you a good amount of money with very little effort.

Now, what if I told you that you could set up a passive income product and start earning money TODAY! Yes, you read that right, you could start earning money on products as quickly as TODAY.

Check out my Make Money On Autopilot if you are ready to start earning a passive income for your business TODAY! If you’re wanting to make money in your sleep, like I did last night, then it’s time you check out:

Ā Make Money On Autopilot NOW!

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