I hear entrepreneurs all the time saying “you MUST work the hard hours in order to be successful” and while that’s mostly true it IS ok to take some down time now and again withOUT beating yourself up over it. Every single 1:1 client I work with knows that you hustle hard but you can also crash hard if you’re not careful.

Last week I simply “didn’t wannnnnnaaaaa” do anything. I literally crushed everything on my to-do list on Tuesday and then Wednesday-Sunday I was like “ehhhh, whatever”. My brain wasn’t working, no matter how long I sat in front of mu computer nothing came out. It didn’t matter that my to-do list kept growing, my brain simply said NO! I can’t say that I have those moments often. I can literally sit down and create and type and write anytime all the time. But last week I’m not joking when I tell you my brain was absolutely mush.

It was the first week I’ve had in a long while where I didn’t have a single 1:1 client call/vox/course chat scheduled. I was going to use the week to get ahead on some things; not that I was behind. I made a LONG to-do list and broke it down into projects (Learn how you can do this here –> Free 90 Day Success Planner) and then I set into working on them. Monday I did well, Tuesday I knocked it out of the park, and BRICK WALL the rest of the week.

I won’t lie and say I took it easily. Wednesday I tried to force myself to work, Thursday I was frustrated about the lack of productivity, but Friday morning I slept in because my brain was on hiatus and I couldn’t do anything about it. I pulled out a crochet blanket I wanted to finish up and got to work, Saturday the kiddo and I just played around reading books, and Sunday we binge watched Christmas movies while I cleaned the house. <– Yes I’m sure the Christmas movies statement will send a few of you to the unsubscribe button 😂 but I don’t care I could watch Christmas movies all year round!

So why do you care that my brain was mush? Why am I sitting here telling you my week long story of bleeh? Because I want you to know that it IS ok to not be “on” 100% of the time.

I want you to know that you are a mom, first and foremost, and that you’re life is crazy busy all the time.  When you decide to add the mompreneur life into the mix things can get a little crazier.

  • YES you’ll need to put in the early mornings and late nights at first
  • YES you’ll need to hustle a little harder than your entrepreneuer friends who dont have kids
  • YES you do need to show up EVERY DAY (even on autopilot is still showing up)

But it is OK if you’re not “ON” all the time

I will preach it until I’m dead, you MUST show up every single day in your business in order to be seen, heard, and taken seriously, but momma there are systems to help you do this so that when you have those days where you’re just Bleehhhh you can be bleeh, show up, and not worry about whether your business is still functioning!

Do you have systems set up in your business so that you can take the time you need when you need it?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, really dig deep and make the money you KNOW you deserve?

Let’s get to work!