Being a mompreneur has it’s challenges. You were busy before your work, you’re caring for your tiny humans, you make meals, you grocery shop, you do laundry, maybe you’re the teacher, you’re the boo boo kisser, you are the chauffeur, the planner, the organizer, the maid, you get the idea, I don’t need to keep spelling it all out for you. But then, you throw in a business and BAM you’re already busy world.

Let’s say you were smart and hired a coach right off the start so that you could get your systems set up properly. You are sharing when and how you should, rather than “here’s my link, buy my stuff”. You’re making sales, clients flow into your life easily, people love and comment on what it is you’re sharing. You’re trucking along nicely and then BAM, a few month(s)/year(s) in you find yourself in a rut, you’re stuck, your sales have slowed, you can’t see to get out of the weird funk you’re in, you’re starting to think this might not be for you.

STOP right there! You ARE meant to be in business. What you have to offer is AMAZING. EVERYONE goes through the ebbs and flows in their business. There are going to be times in your business where you simply feel stuck, where you’ve hit a wall, where you’re just unsure why you can’t seem to get past the funk you’re stuck in.

But how do you get past the “funk”?

1. Get out of your work space– One of the quickest ways to get out of the funk is to change your scenery. Now, this might seem silly or unproductive but our creativity flows best when are heads are clear. If you’re sitting in your office/work space long enough and all you see are your sticky notes, notebooks, same old photos, the ever growing list of tasks, etc you start to focus on those particular things rather than being able to create. So, pack up your laptop and take your show on a little trip. Go to a coffee shop, go to a restaurant, go to your local library, go to your park, go somewhere with wifi. A new surrounding can help free your mind from the mundane and ideas are more likely to flow.

2. Start a fresh to-do list– Sometimes we start to get down on ourselves when our to-do list starts growing and we can’t seem to keep up. We begin to resent our list, we slow down our work, we avoid things, and then we become even more overwhelmed because we are putting things off. Take out a fresh piece of paper and make yourself a new to-do list. By all means keep your other longer list, there’s no saying you can’t circle back to it in time. But for now start fresh all around.

3. Change up your contentContent is a HUGE player in the success of your business. But sometime you share the same bit of content again, and again, and again and people become numb to what it is you’re sharing. They’ve seen it, they’ve heard it, they might even already have it. Try changing up your shares to give your audience something fresh to look at, something new and exciting.  If you’re not certain how to achieve this check out my time saving, business growing, stress free business content course and bonuses for Black Friday.

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4. Branch out of the circle you’re in– When you settle into your business you find a circle of people that you are comfortable with. You’ve made friends with your clients, those people in your group know and love you, you find yourself day in and out talking to the same people again and again. It’s time to branch out. It’s time to expand your circle again. Get into the other groups you’re in and start networking; after all business is all about networking. Meet some new people, invite them (don’t straight out add them) into your circle, begin cultivating new relationships so that what you’re sharing is being seen by new eyes.

Everyone will find themselves in this rut from time to time. It’s no fun to be in, it makes you question your business skills, it can last longer than you’d like if you’re not proactive, but you CAN get past it and move forward with your success.

Do you have ways that get you out of your work funk? Share them in the comments below!