Did you go Black Friday shopping? Did you snag some AWESOME deals? Share below what your BEST score was! I did have a list of things I was going to online shop for when the Cyber Monday Sales started; I’m not much for peoplely people types of interaction. I also had a list of business tools I was investing in; I’m ALWAYS investing in my business (you should be too *cough cough*).

I don’t know about you but I had ZERO intentions of leaving my house to physically go Black Friday shopping. I was cozy in bed Thursday night when my biz bestie called and told me about a deal I literally couldn’t pass up. Something my husband and I had been wanting for our home was on sale for $4 instead of $90. Like ummm duhhhh. I got up, got dressed, and off to the store I went. Funny thing was I got the second spot away from the building, I went and snagged the item (and a SUPER cool toy for our son for Christmas for only $12- normally $60), waited in line for maybe 3-4 minutes and was back homeland in bed in just under 40 minutes. <– Uhhhhhhhmazing I think lol.

I also had run some pretty rad Black Friday sales in my business that people literally just went wild for. My coaching was 75% off, Content is Cash Academy was bundled with some other amazing products for 40% off, crazy price slashes. I did not expect to do the amount of business that I did on Friday; but very pleasantly pleased. Sunday morning, so yesterday, I woke up after my sales had ended and had people telling me they missed my sales, they were waiting to get paid, they had just opened my e-mail, a good one was “I didn’t think you were serious that the sales were really over”… ummmmm πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚. One person really tugged at my heart when she said “I was waiting to make a Black Friday sale from my X product so that I could buy your coaching session, but the payment didn’t clear my bank account until 3am this morning”. Oooooooo come on…. you know I’m a sucker for helping people, why you have to pull at me like that? When I say a sale is final I mean a sale is FINAL!

Soooooo here’s the deal kiddos.

I’ll bite, I’ll run my Black Friday deals as a Cyber Monday special but THAT’S IT! No more after tonight, nopeity nope nope nope lol.

I’ve opened up 3 more coaching spots for you (at 75% off)

The cart is back open for the Content Is Cash Academy Bundle (at 40% off)

I just want you ALL to succeed and I want to be there as you climb that ladder, get that clarity, scale your business, set that action plan, schedule out that content that pulls at the heart strings of your ideal clients, set up your automations so that you can enjoy your life and MAKE THE MONEY, all of it. You CAN succeed, you WILL succeed, but you MUST work for it, you NEED to invest in yourself in order to see that success.

Don’t take my word for it, just look at what some of my clients are saying:

“My list jumped 50% OVER NIGHT because I decided to stop making excuses and started working with you”

“I just sold not one, not two, but THREE spots in my upcoming group coaching program and all three PAID IN FULL πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Omgosh omgosh omgosh how insane is that!!! I was TERRIFIED I’d make nothing through the holiday season but man, you kicking my butt really has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m making REAL money now!!”

“I made $1500 today while out to lunch with the kids, I literally don’t work NEARLY as much now thanks to you, but I’m making more money than I ever would have imagined”

“SERIOUSLY, I’ve had these goals for almost a year now. I started working on my business In October of last year. I’ve had a list of things that I thought I should have accomplished but I just kept telling myself other things were important to accomplish first. We just started and I already have more accomplished than I have in a full year. I finally have a paid product, and I sold one of my bundles TODAY, I feel like I have direction and i’m just so excited!”

“I LOVE the 1:1 attention you give me, I feel like I’m your only client, even though I know you have multi clients right now. You are amazing”

“I’m certain you hear this from your clients but I just had to say thank you so much for all the guidance you gave me. Β I feel like I have a real future thanks to your help. Β I really truly did not beleive I could start my own business. But here I am, four months in, and making a salary that almost rivals half my current “9-5” salary. Β It might not seem like much right now, but it’s only been 4 months and I KNOW I’m not giving up anytime soon. Β Booking a 4 month session with you VERY soon! “

I want you to succeed like these amazing women are, I want to see you be able to step away from your computer and really enjoy the reason you got into the entrepreneurial world in the first place *to have a life*, I want to help take your income to new leaps you never imagined.

So, don’t miss this very last chance to snag these deals

–> Cyber Monday <–

I pinky promise I won’t be bringing these back again πŸ˜‰

Do you know someone who could use these deals? Please feel free to share them!