Last week in #MommiesOnAMission I did a 3 day Content Creation 101 Masterclass. It was INSANELY popular, I got a ton of great feedback, and I was shocked by how many people were confused by some of the simplest content creation techniques. I love creating content, I love teaching, I love sharing value packed content, annoying right, I know 😉 But that’s why I love teaching it because I want content creation to be as simple for you as it is for me 😄

If you missed the masterclass in #MommiesOnAMission you can get lifetime access to it here –> Content Creation 101 Masterclass <–. It’s almost 2 hours worth of tips, tricks, explanations, physical homework, and example to help get your content working for you instead of against you. I’ll tell you like I told them last week. Content is the FOUNDATION of your business.

So Why Is Content The Foundation of Your Business?

I know you want to get visible, I know you want to build a course, I know you want a pretty website, I know you think you need the most follows, etc. BUT without good and valuable content your business will NEVER take off! If you are simply sharing mediocre posts or blogs or emails why would your audience stay engaged?

Would you want to follow someone who shared the exact same things again and again?
Would you follow someone who gave you mediocre tips?
Would you follow someone who was boring?

The answers are NO, you can’t even pretend you would. When something is boring we look the other way. When someone blows smoke we roll our eyes and click away. We are a society of “keep my attention or I’m going elsewhere”. You have only a few moments to draw your audience in so you want to make the most of the time you have their attention. If that time is spent sharing fluff posts.

How Do You Grab Their Attention?

  • Share Value
  • Give Tips
  • Share Experiences
  • Be Genuine
  • Be Authentic

If you want to know exactly how to draw your audience in, keep their attention, and have them beating down your doors ready to work with you then you need to grab a spot in Content Is Cash Academy

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If you want other starting points I’ve got a ton of options for you:

👉🏼FREE Content Creation Planner
👉🏼100 Days Of Content In Minutes
👉🏼The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation & Social Media
👉🏼Content Creation 101 Masterclass
👉🏼Content Is Cash Academy

You have ZERO reason not to be creating valuable content. It doesn’t take a ton of time, it doesn’t have to be difficult, it CAN be fun!

Tell me, what are your biggest struggles with creating content?