I spoke with a mom this past weekend who said “I can’t relax, I have too much to do and if I take a break I won’t make any money”.  I have to say I remember that time in my life and my business and it makes me sad that so many others are going through that journey.  If I want to close my laptop and walk away I do. If I want to take a week off from my business I do.  If I want to take my kiddo to the park mid afternoon I simply do.  But it’s because I have systems set up in my business that allow for that now.  Creating systems in your business can allow for you to step away and take a break and enjoy your life, or the holiday season that we are in right now. 

So what do I mean “Create Systems”?  

  • Having content prepared and ready to share for those times where you can’t be “social”.  I’m talking for social media, blogs, emails, newletters, nurture sequences, etc..  Create content that makes people want to hand their money over to you without hesitation –> Learn How <–
  • Having automated e-mail sequences set up so that your e-mail list always hears from you
  • Having funnels set up for those who opt-in for your free items so that they are taken along a path that will lead them to wanting your paid items
  • Having automated processes for your products.  Should someone buy a product you have at 2am you don’t want them upset if you aren’t awake at 2am to send them their digital item right, you need a process.

Having the right systems set up can help you not only take a break from the overwhelm that is social media, but it helps take the stress out of always needing to be present when someone signs up or purchases something from you.  

Some of my favorite tools to help make systems easier are:


100 Days Of Content In Minutes





Content Is Cash Academy 

Don’t let life pass you by without seeing and enjoying it.  You became an entrepreneur because you wanted more freedoms in your life.  Let me help you find those freedoms!  

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