I hope you are having an AMAZING year so far!  2019 is already flying by for me and I can’t say it’s had the JUMP start that I was hoping.  There have been a good number of family things going on that have had me down and out until I heard some AMAZING success stories from FIVE of my clients and how they are clearing almost 10K months right now and many in just a few days span.  Last week I talked to you guys about Why You Need A Coach, click the title to check it out. But this week I want to talk to you about WHAT a coach can do for you. But first I HAVE to share these massive client wins with you!! 

💰Melisa just booked FIVE clients at her HIGHEST priced offer and they paid IN FULL! She’s also being begged to collaborate left and right because she IS an expert in her field. 

💰Jackie just went from not a single bite to EIGHT 1:1 clients in 12 hours!

💰 Sarah just made back her investment back six times over within a week of our session ending because she ROCKING her confidence.  

💰Stephanie just started over from scratch and her social media has taken off QUICKLY.

💰Jennifer just sold 23 spots in her brand new course!

Who can be down when THESE are the messages you’re getting?? 

I LOVE watching the mompreneurs I work with see MASSIVE success!!! 

Ok, back to why you’re here right? Here are FIVE things a Coach can do for you and your business to help your success elevate massively! 

  1.  They can see missing pieces in your business that you can’t see– you are entirely to close to the love you have created in your business.  You’re stuck in one place, you know you are meant for more, but you keep hitting the same income here and there.  You KNOW there is something missing in your business but maybe you can’t see it right away.  A coach can bring a fresh set of eyes to your business, give it a good look over, and identify where you can grow from.  
  2.  They can help teach you how to market your business the thing about hiring a coach is that when you choose someone you tend to choose someone who has the business you want.  The reason they are where they are and you aren’t yet is because they’ve already made the mistakes and have come out the other side on top.  They can teach you the “magic” ways of getting yourself out there in the RIGHT ways, rather than simply spam messaging people left and right.  A solid marketing plan for sharing your amazingness is key to growth. 
  3.  They can walk you through the proper systems for massive growth-  Just like marketing having all aspects of you business aligned are crucial.  When a potential customer walks into your world you need to be able to send them along their journey with many opportunities to work with you.  Without the proper systems set up you may be leaving a LOT of money on the table.  
  4.  They can create a calm for you that you have been lacking Sometimes it is nice just to have someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of.  Being able to talk through what is going on in your head with someone who understands and can guide you can create a sense of calm in your business.  When there is calm in your business, instead of chaos, the rest of your life takes on a realm of calm. 
  5.  They can help elevate your income with new strategies–  Just like in the first example I gave you, a coach coming in with fresh eyes to see where there are areas that you can grow, a coach can point out where areas in your business could use an upgrade for income growth. Maybe it’s time for webinars, maybe you need a new high yielding e-mail funnel, maybe you need xyzzy.  Whatever it is a coach can help walk you through and implement the new strategies so that you are set up and READY to earn the income you deserve.  

Have you worked with a coach? What was your favorite thing about working with a coach?

Are you ready to hire a coach?  

If the answer is YES I’M READY TO HIRE A COACH let’s chat about how you can be one of the success stories from above!

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