We’ve talked about why you need a coach, what a coach can do for you, the signs you’re ready for a coach, and how to pick the right coach for your business. You’ve probably been following different coaches so today let’s talk about the questions you should ask before hiring a coach before hiring them!

Because hiring a coach can be such a LEAP to take in your business you want to be sure that the person is a good fit for what you and your business need. Asking questions of someone you intend to invest a significant amount of money with is 100% encouraged! If someone isn’t open to answering questions it may be a big red flag right off the bat for you.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Coach

1. How Can You Help Me– There are hundreds of thousands of coaches out there now a days. Some have half butt websites and have no professional photos but are simply AMAZING, some have the brightest and flashiest websites and professional photos but don’t know their foot from their face. By asking “How can you help me” you will get a better understanding of the persons skills and capabilities. You will get a better understanding of how they can help you achieve what it is you hope to accomplish.

2. Have You Worked With People In My Business Before- Many business coaches specialize in certain fields. I particular work with moms who want to start a business from scratch or those who have their own business but need to take it to new heights and income levels. While I have worked with people who work in mlm/network marketing companies, having run a successful network marketing business myself, those are not something I particularly enjoy or take on regularly. Coaches who understand your field/industry can more easily identify what areas can lead to larger financial advantages.

3. How Do You Define Success- This is something defined differently by everyone in every field. Is success something that can be measured or something you can feel. There are coaches who can offer you a figure driven assessment and others who will offer some sort of feeling you’ll achieve.

4. How Did Coaching Change Your Life- I say it time and time again, I would never personally invest in someone who has not first invested in themselves. Knowing how a coach has been positively impacted by their own previous coaching experience is a great way to identify how they will approach a session with you. Will they be full of passion, excitement, will they engage with you, etc. are all identifiers from how their own coaching experience has gone.

5. How Will You Know If I’m the Right Client For You- While you are certainly interviewing your potential coach, your potential coach should also be screening you as a potential client. They should be able to identify who their ideal client is, what they can best help you with, if they can help you in your endeavors, and identify if the situation is not going to work out. When asking them about how they select their clients you may ask what types of personalities or enthusiast levels of others they are best suited. You will want this to be a fit all around before committing.

6. Can I Speak To Other Clients About Their Experience With You- This process can help you identify others true successes from a coaching session with the person you are interviewing. Be mindful that some coaches like to protect the privacy of their previous clients but they should certainly be able to share a client or two that you may contact to gain a more true assessment of your own. It is one thing for a coach to tote their own programs and success stories, it’s another thing to verify them with previous clients.

While there are more questions you may want to ask someone you are interviewing, these are some questions that should be asked regardless of anything else. Over all you want to be sure that the person you are interviewing is a good fit for you and your business!

Have you interviewed a coach? What are some questions that you have asked them? Share them below!

Ways to work with me

Brain Storm Break Through The Brain Storm Break Through is a 3 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your business ideas, push past any blocks you may be up against (you know the self doubt ones you’re having RIGHT NOW), outline a business strategy that is realistic for your mommy time frame, teach the fundamentals needed to reach your ideal clients on social media, get organized, and to figure out how to get more time in your day to run a successful business.

Business Plan Coaching The Business Plan Coaching is a 3 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your current business and pull out the newest and brightest plan for moving your towards that next income goal.  I want to push yoy past any blocks you may be up against.  We’ll outline a fresh business plan, set time frames, cover questions, and put into motion the steps you’ll take for elevating your business from your current place to it’s next badass level!

Content Coaching- Content Coaching is a 5 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your content (what you currently have or what needs to be created), push past any blocks you may be up against (you know the self doubt ones where you tell you’re you don’t think anyone will listen to you). We’ll create 20 social media posts , Create/edit an opt in page, Create/update an email sequence, and Create/update 5 hard hitting promos.  

1 Week Intensive– 5 days of unlimited Voxer coaching where we go through your lists, your products, fill in holes if any, evaluate your shareable content, brainstorm new products, put together the outline for your new big product/course, move past the “I can’t” into the “HELL YEA I CAN!”.  This 1 week is designed for those who need a little bit of a jump start but can take the guidance and run with it on their own.  Many who book this need a jump start in their business to really reignite their fire.

2 & 4 Month Coaching – These two are designed for the go getter who is READY to take on the biggest goals they have for their businesses.  You’ll fill out an in-depth evaluation prior to getting started so that your specific needs are address, your goals can be reached, and the support you specifically need are 100% met!