In the past month and a half we’ve talked about Why you need a coach, what a coach can do for you, signs you are ready for a coach, questions to ask a potential coach and so much more.  Check the blogs section for more coaching tips blogs.  But now let’s talk about probably the most important part of this topic, Will your business survive without a coach. 

Here’s the thing, will you survive? Maybe, maybe you’ll survive, you’ll stumble, you’ll fall down, you’ll doubt yourself, you’ll wonder if you’re good enough, you’ll ask yourself if this is really what you are meant to be doing, you’ll wonder if you were meant to continue, you’ll struggle.  Are there people who can make it without coaches, absolutely. Those who do it on their own strictly with books and trial and error are a dime a dozen.  Am I saying you’re not a dime a dozen, no certainly not because I don’t know you or your determination. Do I know that 98% of people who try to go it alone will fail and then give up, sure.  

A coach is someone who can give you the keys to the kingdom, someone who has already been there and done that and is capable of teaching you how to avoid making all the NUTS mistakes they made.  Had I known, early on, that I should have hired a coach I would have. I personally wasted a good 3 years muddling around trying to “make it”.  Sure I some some success, I had some steady client work, I was making “ok” money, but I wasn’t able to get past my own road blocks because I couldn’t see what I was truly doing wrong.  I did NOT give up though because I’m the type of person who hears “this will never work” and proves people wrong time and again.  I legit refuse to back down from a challenge no matter how feeble it may seem.  

I attended my first conference, where I found my very first mentor, in the spring of 2014 and EVERYTHING changed from that point on.  Very seldom in my careers since have I been without a coach or mentor to help get me past the hurdles i’ve come up against.  Every single time I’ve worked with someone I see a large bump in my income.  Anytime that I work 1:1 with a client they almost ALWAYS see a bump in their income as well, when they apply what has been taught.  

Look, we’ve gotten into the nitty gritty of coaching, who-what-when-where & why, this past month and a half (check blogs here) but only you can decide if you are ready to keep going the way you’re going, stumbling and getting back up, or if you’re ready to accelerate your business by hiring a coach! 

Have you ever hired a coach before? Yes or No, tell me in the comments below! 

Ways to work with me

Brain Storm Break Through The Brain Storm Break Through is a 3 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your business ideas, push past any blocks you may be up against (you know the self doubt ones you’re having RIGHT NOW), outline a business strategy that is realistic for your mommy time frame, teach the fundamentals needed to reach your ideal clients on social media, get organized, and to figure out how to get more time in your day to run a successful business.

Business Plan Coaching The Business Plan Coaching is a 3 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your current business and pull out the newest and brightest plan for moving your towards that next income goal.  I want to push yoy past any blocks you may be up against.  We’ll outline a fresh business plan, set time frames, cover questions, and put into motion the steps you’ll take for elevating your business from your current place to it’s next badass level!

Content Coaching- Content Coaching is a 5 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your content (what you currently have or what needs to be created), push past any blocks you may be up against (you know the self doubt ones where you tell you’re you don’t think anyone will listen to you). We’ll create 20 social media posts , Create/edit an opt in page, Create/update an email sequence, and Create/update 5 hard hitting promos.  

1 Week Intensive– 5 days of unlimited Voxer coaching where we go through your lists, your products, fill in holes if any, evaluate your shareable content, brainstorm new products, put together the outline for your new big product/course, move past the “I can’t” into the “HELL YEA I CAN!”.  This 1 week is designed for those who need a little bit of a jump start but can take the guidance and run with it on their own.  Many who book this need a jump start in their business to really reignite their fire.

2 & 4 Month Coaching – These two are designed for the go getter who is READY to take on the biggest goals they have for their businesses.  You’ll fill out an in-depth evaluation prior to getting started so that your specific needs are address, your goals can be reached, and the support you specifically need are 100% met!