Suntans, WVU shirt & blanket, and lattes is there any other way to start the day? NO! I literally have been stepping WAY back from work recently. I have needed some serious mindset/mental health breaks from the social media world and it’s been immensely helpful. Sometimes you need to change shit up to see a new level of success because the routine gets dull and overwhelming.  I legit spent the entire weekend with my bubba splashing/splashing/digging in the sand/building sandmen (we don’t get snow it’s the best we can do lol) and just having fun with him.

I’m NOT a social person, truly. I LOVE teaching, I LOVE watching mompreneurs grow their businesses, I LOVE helping, but I truly don’t like spending time on social media… there #ConfessionsOfAnOnlineBusinessOwner.  You all know that I don’t get super personal on here, so this post is way different than most, but it happens to so many momprenuers and I don’t want you to think you are having this moment alone!

The past month and a half people have been EXTRA on here and it truly just baffles me. Normally I just stay in my lane and don’t bother looking but some of these train wrecks got my gears grinding and I had to shut down and walk away because it was just ENOUGH!

  • Does that mean I didn’t show up for my mommas in #MommiesOnAMission, NOPE
  • Does that mean I didn’t show up here for you all, NOPE
  • Does that mean I went into total hiding and quit working, NOPE

BUT what it means is that I was far more aware of how much time was being spent on social media that was not 100% work dedicated. While I’m pretty good with getting on and getting off after I work I found these train wrecks were sucking me in and I found myself unable to look away. So I did a little Mommies Mindset Shift and shut everything down and have walked away a good bit.

  • There are no social media apps on my phone right now
  • I’m ONLY on here to approve posts and do quick check ins
  • I’m spending more time with my nose in good books
  • I am wrapping myself up in my kiddo
  • I’m sitting on the beach without wondering what the social media world is doing
  • I’m perfecting my latte
  • And I’m creating this MASSIVELY amazing program for you mompreneurs so that you can get out of that “ick” head space and TRULY crush your mompreneur life too!

✨ The Mompreneur Mindset Academy will be EPIC mommas ✨

We officially start April 1

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If you feel like you’re growing increasingly agitated, if you’re just tired of “peopling”, if you are frustrated with where you are in your business, if you feel like everyone is waiting for you to fail, if you really just need to get out of your “funk” than you NEED to jump into this academy with the rest of the AMAZING mommas who are already signed up and anticipating April 1!!

It’s ok to unplug, you can still be a badass boss while having a life 😉