I have a confession to make: In this season of motherhood and business ownership, I’ve never had more to do on my plate – and also, I’ve never felt more efficient. I Started a Business so I Could Create MORE Time! While you un-pretzel that statement in your brain, my goal here is to teach you the system I use to expand the “white space” in my schedule, even though I am a mother to a very active toddler and the owner of a growing business. When I started my business, I had a ton of fears that you might resonate with. I was fearful of failing, fearful of the “money stuff,” and mostly I was afraid that while I was building this business, I would turn around and realize that I wasn’t as present of a mom as I wanted to be. I was afraid it would take away too much time from my family.
That’s when I knew I’d have to make the most of my 24 hours, and I’m going to show you the five steps I took to learning the art of time blocking. I fully believe that a strong time management system is the key to being more productive in business & motherhood, and it’s a big part of what I teach in my 1:1 coaching for women looking to overcome their startup fears. I Started a Business so I Could Create MORE Time and I’m going to show you how you can do the same below!

Timeblock in chunks

In order to see the best results, timeblock in chunks of a week or even two weeks at a time. Remember those monthly goals you have? Choosing what to focus on each week to achieve those goals is a really awesome benefit to timeblocking, plus you’ll be able to set up time to catch up if you get behind during the week.

Block out the time you gave away

The first thing I do when I’m timeblocking for my week ahead, is block out the time I know I don’t have. This could be doctor appointments, coffee dates, times you said you’d be somewhere and someone else is counting on that. This part of the exercise is so crucial, because a lot of timeblocking is taking back your time and making sure you’re spending it with people who add abundance to your life.

Brain dump your universal to do list

Once you’ve been able to see the time you DO have – it’s time to get out that to-do list. This is the step where you just write everything down – every task, every chore, every errand you need to do that has not gotten done yet. This part of the process is an exercise in getting all of the juggling balls out of your head, and onto paper.

Unpack your projects

Your big brain dump will be all over the place (as it should be), and you’ll want to categorize it so that you’ll be able to batch some errands (for example, going to the bank, grocery store, and post office in the same outing) or you’ll be able to put them on your calendar as tasks in your business, or birthday party planning, etc. The point of this step is to be as specific as you can. So, if you have an hour to work on your business, instead of looking at the monster to-do list, block out “plan social media posts for the week and write content for one blog post”. THAT is what you call productivity!

Have some grace and understanding

If timeblocking is new to you, then please keep an open mind about what works best for you. I find that women beat themselves up over not getting something accomplished in their blocked time because of a nap strike or an emergency. Keep in mind that you are doing your best, and move that block of time over to the next day, later that night, or get up an hour early to complete the task. I promise you that timeblocking will make you feel so much more efficient, that you’ll want to keep it up.

After all these steps are completed, you’ll most likely see the beautiful “white space,” the reason I decided to start timeblocking in the first place. Like I mentioned I Started a Business so I Could Create MORE Time and I know that you can do the same!

My hope for you is that you use this white space to give back to yourself, your family, and your community. Women are pulled in a million different directions now more than ever before, and we need you to fill up your cup, so you can continue to make the world a better place.

I like to maintain my timeblocking calendar about once a week, and I’ll check in every few days to make sure that I’m on track. My hope for you is that you feel empowered with the process of taking back your time, and spending it the way you want to.

If time is a currency you can only spend once, then I want to show you how to maximize your spending power.

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Meet The Author:

Allison Nelson is a mom and a wife. She weaves her past experiences as a media buyer and educator into her passion for helping mompreneurs breakthrough startup struggles and create balance to pursue the business of their dreams. Allison loves coffee, reading books and organizing (and re-organizing) every room in her house.

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