We’ve all heard the old adage; “Work smarter, not harder,” but how often do you find yourself buried under an endless pile of “To-Do’s” in your home, business, and personal life? What if there was actually a way to get more done, with better results, and with less stress and overwhelm?We’ve all heard the old adage; “Work smarter, not harder,” but how often do you find yourself buried under an endless pile of “To-Do’s” in your home, business, and personal life? What if you could Multiply Your Success-Get more done by doing less. What if there was actually a way to get more done, with better results, and with less stress and overwhelm?

My name is Cassie Kitzmiller and as a self-professed “Do-it-All-er,” I’m here to tell you that there is a better way to manage the demands and never-ending tasks that threaten to take over your life and sanity.  There is a simple math principle that will revolutionize the way you manage your life and business if only you will implement its simple steps.

Wait, math principle you say? You had me up until math…. If that’s what you’re thinking, stick with me. I said it’s simple and I promise you that it really does come down to basic, elementary math. If I were your second-grade teacher and I asked you that if you wanted to get a bigger end number would you usually be better off adding or multiplying 2 numbers together?

While there are a few exceptions, the answer is almost always by multiplying, right?! For example, 4+4= 8, but 4×4= 16. You start with the exact same numbers, but through simple multiplication, you get double the results than from adding the same numbers.

Ok, that is all good and well, but what does it have to do with simplifying my life and business….

While multiplication gets you bigger results in the math classroom, it is also the secret to getting more done, with less work, in your life and in your business.

What does multiplying your efforts look like when it comes to real life? Well, the possibilities are absolutely endless, but here are a few results that you can come to expect if you change your thinking and change your formula for getting things done:

  • Less time cleaning and organizing your home. More time on intentional togetherness and learning.
  • Less yelling and fussing and more laughter and peace.
  • Increased visibility in your business with less content and less pressure.
  • Consistent sales, deeper client relationships, and measurable results with fewer dry seasons and less fear.

Those are some pretty big promises, right? How is it possible for me to make those claims from the embracing of one simple concept? I can honestly answer it’s because I’ve lived the “before” where I was consistently overwhelmed, stressed, and snapping at those I loved the most, and I’ve made it to the “after.” That much-dreamed about place where you are making massive strides in your business, investing time and intention in your family, and managing the household in a way that is delightful and not resentful.

Only a few short years ago when friends and family asked me how I was doing everything (running a small business, homeschooling my older son, and raising 2 young sons) I would plaster a smile on my face and say something like “Oh, I just stay busy!” The truth was that I was running full speed on all cylinders and not really being fully present in any roll. I was running through my work day so I could get home and rush through my evening so I could get up and do it all again. I was squeezing homeschooling into the open slots in the schedule and while it worked at the time, I look back and see how much pressure I was under to do it all.

Life nowadays is equally full (probably more so with 2 additional businesses on my plate!), but I can honestly say that I have found a speed and a pace that allows me to be present in the lives of my family while still growing multiple businesses and coaching other women who are looking for the same balance.

Now, I’m not going to say that I never feel the pressure from the world to do more and work harder, but the secret that I am here to share with you is that there is a better way to manage your life and business and that is with the implementation of the multiplication principles I discussed above. Since I’ve shared with you what my life looked like before and after implementing these principles, I’m going to share with you the 5 truths that made such an impact in my life and those I coach.

The 5 Multiplication Truths:

1: No one is an Island

Our culture has fed us the lie that we are in this life for ourselves and we must prove our worth in order to show we have it all together. This is a modern-day myth that is important to “unlearn” in order to get more done with less stress and striving. Whether it is trading off babysitting with a friend, hiring a local teen for some housekeeping help, or partnering with other businesses to increase your social media reach, we can all afford to find other people to help us in our life and business journeys.

2: We are better together

This truth is the follow-up to truth #1. When you open yourself up to opportunities to partner with others to increase your outputs, you quickly realize that multiple hands make light work and that we really can get more done and do it better when we allow other people to show up and work in their wheelhouse. We are all gifted with different strengths and talents and when we work together with others who have strengths where we are weak, it allows their light to shine while improving our lives and businesses in the process!

Whether this looks like having your organizationally gifted friend over to help you organize your closet, or hiring that tech-gal that you desperately need, you’ll live longer and sleep better with some amazing partners in your corner!

3: Together we rise

An amazing thing starts to happen when you start implementing the first 2 truths in the multiplication principles, you find that you are increasing your time, results, and happiness levels all while blessing the people around you! When you stop thinking of yourself as an independent agent and start looking at your life and business as a connected whole, you become aware of how impactful your “limitations” are to empowering those who you reach out to for help.

Whether it is growing the business of another solopreneur, or simply giving your mother the satisfaction of needing her opinion, your weaknesses are opportunities for others to shine.

4: Focus your intentions

If you have the bad habit of taking on more than any mortal can do in a single day, you’re not alone. Having the discipline to focus your mind and your intentions on the biggest goals of the day, whether that’s laundry or booking a new client, allows you to get more done in the same amount of time and you’ll do the job better every time! I highly recommend reading “The One Thing” by Jay Papasan if you are interested in learning more about this concept!

5: Keep it Simple

While it can seem counterproductive to try to achieve better results by doing less, you will truly come to find that by simplifying your demands on yourself, partnering with others, and focusing your time and intentions, you will automatically see major improvements in your relationships and in your business.

Don’t try to overcomplicate things and add on more levels, simplify, focus, and be intentional about finding ways to multiply your successes while doing less and you’ll be on the path to the calmer and more successful life you’ve always dreamed of!

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Meet The Author:

Cassie Kitzmiller is a small business sales and strategy coach who specializes in helping the busy working woman get more done with less stress! She is the founder of the revolutionary group coaching membership network Christian Women Business Builders. When not building businesses, she is the mom to 3 sons, wife to a hunky music minister and helpless chocolate chip cookie addict. You can connect with her at www.christianwomenbusinessbuilders.com

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