Posting Perfectly: How a Post Can Turn Into Profit. It’s that time again. Time to check social media because, why not? You have a few spare minutes in your busy day. After hearing the ‘click’ as you turn on your phone you select that familiar blue “F” icon and slowly roll your head from side to side stretching your neck because it’s been a long day already…and it’s only 10:30am. As your finger slides against the smooth screen effortlessly passing by this post and that post on your feed it happens. Your finger lifts.

Your scroll has slowed to a stop.

The comfort of the graphic on your screen makes you feel a sense of home and familiarity. You HAVE to read what this is all about so you click on read more and as you read through this post you realize…”I have to have this.”

You click on the link included in that stunning image and pretty soon you’re whisked away to grab your freebie…but wait! There’s more!

You notice more content on your screen, so you scroll. You become immersed in what feels like the most genuine conversation with your bestie and obtain even more information that touches the part of your heart and soul that determines your buying power. It’s strong. So strong that before you know it, you click buy now!

In a matter of minutes you went from tired and a tiny bit achy to engulfed in excitement and wonder towards a single post. One that hypnotized you so much you made a purchase, an impulse purchase. You never do that! What the heck just happened??

THAT my friend is the power of a perfect post.

A post that can turn into a profit, in minutes.

See, when you are posting for your business you need to always think of 3 things:

  • Your graphic (attention grabber)
  • Your graphic (attention grabber)
  • Your copy (your words)
  • Your call to action (freebie)

You’re graphic needs to flow well but stand out on it’s own. You want it to slow someone’s scroll without causing them to be jolted negatively. When you use images that are bright, warm hued, and inviting you create the instant need for more. Making it relevant to your niche is a must. You don’t want to a sandwich graphic when your audience eats pasta. An intriguing graphic will lead them to your copy.

Your copy needs to consist of value. It’s NOT a sales pitch. After all, you are trying to warm up our audience not sell to them. By focusing on warming up your audience you naturally produce the sensation of “wow, I need to learn more about _____ and what she’s all about.” Your copy also needs to speak to the heart of your ideal client. What do they desire most? What struggles are keeping them from achieving it? How will YOU be able to solve their needs? Once you’ve identified their biggest pain you need to pour a little salt on that wound and then swoop in to save the day. Here’s an example:

You’ve spent countless hours on social media doing all the “right” things, but you haven’t gained a single follower. You skipped breakfast, missed snuggle time, and yet another “mommy look at what I made,” because you’ve had to dedicate any precious free time to growing your social media presence to boost exposure and sales. But at what cost will the success you’re after come at? Isn’t it time to stop working through the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm? Isn’t it time to get your time, sanity, and happiness back?

Yes, it is. You’ve been working so hard and focusing so much that you’ve missed the help there is right under your fingertips. Help that does the remembering for you to post each day so you don’t have to stress about whether you did you not. Strategies to follow in order in get the max benefits from your post. An exclusive group filled with engaging content, graphics, and copy that draws in people’s attention and not only gets you noticed but also increases the amount of members, engagement, and profits.

Your call to action is the key piece to your puzzle. A lot of people get stuck trying to think of what the perfect offering is to gain the precious email they know they need to grow their email list but also instantly creating trust and rapport so that their audience member become a follower and then a client. Just like your graphic, your call to action needs to blend in and be seamless so it is logically the next step in the process. A great call to action will have a freebie that provides an immense amount of value.

For the example above, the call to action would be to download the Post Perfect Digest. PPD is a printable 7 day planner that provides the what, where, and when of social media utilization. Know when the best times to post are, a checklist of where to post, and reminders of what type of content to include and what to exclude in order to turn your posts into profits and not people running for the hills.

When you combine these three steps on a constant basis it become second nature. Pretty soon, you’ll be cranking out content that is beautiful, engaging, and converting. You will no longer feel like you need to work so hard and spend so many hours on your computer trying to get it right. You’ll have the proof that you are dialed in and growing your business.

My Post Perfect Digest is for you if want a tool for posting, building, and converting social media following. 😊

Meet The Author:

Hello! I’m Courtnie McCaslin, Founder of The Crush Society. I am a born and raised Washingtonian who has always had a love for two things: helping others and entrepreneurship. My entire family dynamic is made up of entrepreneurs, so it was only natural I follow in those footsteps. Being surrounded by business, how to market, attract, and sell has opened the door for me to work with women who are desperately seeking their “dream life.” Women who have a passion they want to turn into an online business or women who already have an online business but are stuck in that churning pot of confusion, stress, and overwhelm. Together we hone in so many specific items that it creates the perfect roadmap taking them from that stressed and overwhelm state to one in which they are thriving.

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