Creating a profitable course can be one of the best ways to create passive income in your business. If you don’t want to be trading dollars for hours for the rest of your life having a solid source of passive income can not only free up your time but help you maintain some sanity in your crazy busy life!

Here are my 9 steps to building your first profitable course that’s guaranteed to sell:

1. Pick a course topic that sells

This is usually one of the biggest roadblocks I see when people go to create a course. What if no one buys it? So how do you make sure it’s something people are going to buy? Do your research! Start by making a list of things that people are always asking you about, things that you’re good at, and things you would be passionate about teaching.

Next, poll people in your Facebook group, in other Facebook groups, on your email list, on Instagram, wherever your people are hanging out take a few minutes to poll them and see what topics that are interested in learning more about.

2. Brain Dump your Topic Content

Set aside a chunk of time to write down every single little thing you know on the topic of your course. Do some research and figure out what people’s biggest struggle/confusion is with the topic. Remember that even if something seems simple to you it could be a crucial step in the learning process for someone else so don’t leave anything out!

3. Break it all down

Break all the information down into easy to digest, bite size groupings. These will be your lessons/modules to keep your course students on track and make things easier for them to understand.

4. Get your course promo ready

Create a simple graphic or 2(seriously keep it SIMPLE) that you can use for the promotion of your course. Next, check back on those polls from step 2 and make a list of the pain points that your course addresses and the problems that it solves based off the things people said they struggle with.

5. Set your pricing and add bonuses

Your next step is to figure out what you want to price your course at and what/if you want to offer as any bonuses. Take into consideration how many modules your course offers, how long you estimate it will take you to create each lesson, how long the modules will be, and how you plan to deliver it. When in doubt, pick a few price points and poll your people on what they would be willing to pay for a course on your specific topic.

6. Build the skeleton of your course and sales page

Build out a simple sales page for your course on whatever platform you plan to host your course on. I recommend Coursecraft. It’s a very simple to use, tech friendly, and clean looking platform where you can even build your course on the free membership level.

7. Pre-sell your course

Offer the best price and/or bonuses during the pre-sell stage before you even launch the course officially. Start advertising so when you do a full launch people have already started hearing about it and are interested. My favorite part of the pre-selling phase, making sales before you even created the course! Don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back from this step. I find that most people who wait to launch a course “until it’s ready” never actually launch the course at all so jump in and pre-sell the course before you have created it.

8. Finish building your course

Record the videos, create the PDFs, type the emails, create the images, record the audio, or do whatever you need to do to deliver the content for your course. Upload all the content into your course and schedule it out if you are “dripping” the lessons out each week.

9. Promo, promo, promo

It’s time for full promo mode! Host a challenge/masterclass related to your course, guest present about your course topic, email your list, etc. Get your word out about the course and the deadlines for promo pricing and/or bonuses you have!

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