You’re sitting at home, laptop ready, have your to do list already planned and ready to go…and then you start looking around. Clothes are piled up and need to be washed, dishes in the sink, the place is completely upside down and the natural women instinct to multi-task kicks in. “Maybe I can put the wash while I work on my first task!… That shouldn’t be a problem, the washing machine is doing the work anyway!” And on your way to do the wash, why not tidy up a bit? Maybe if I do the dishes, I’ll be more relaxed and won’t have to do it later…and it goes on and on, time flew and now you have no time left to work on your business. 

Does it sound familiar?

How many times we get caught up doing all the other things and not doing what we are supposed to be doing instead? 

I thought that being a multi tasker was a great asset until I started working my business from home; and that’s when I learned that it was actually more damaging than proactive.

So if you’re trying to do a thousand things at the same time, please STOP!

Remember that you are only human after all and that is OK to ask for help and even delegate, you won’t be less of a woman if you didn’t get everything done in the house first.

You are building a business, treat it as one, give it your full attention and dedication when you set up your daily tasks, that’s your priority…The rest can wait!

I know it’s easier said than done, but if you want your business to succeed, which I am going to assume that you do, that’s what you started in the first place…Then start setting up some boundaries and prioritize.

Multi tasking and building your business are not friends! 

Think… If you have to create something for your business, a blog, canva posts, inspirational/educational posts, courses… Multitasking will kill your creativity, your mind will be somewhere else but not where it needs to grow your business.

Here are my top 3 tips to let go of Multi-tasking to be more productive and effective on your business:

1- Plan your work schedule.

Consistency is very important while building a business; plan your day accordingly to the hours that you have to dedicate to your business. For most moms, the best time is when kids are in school or at night time when kids are resting, which is perfect, it means that you’re ideal client has a similar schedule than yours. 

This is time dedicated exclusively to your business, so forget about laundry, dishes, gardening or whatever else is around. Create a space in your home where you work, which is separate and apart from the “HOME”, this is your office. Your office should be tidy and neat, that way there are no distractions. Only business related items should be in your office, nothing else.

2- Pick 3 daily money generating activities to grow your business.

This one is crucial… You do not want to spend the restricted time you have to build your business, scrolling down on Facebook or Pinterest or whichever platform you use to grow your business. Stick to your tasks, use your time with intention and purpose.

These activities do not have to be the same every day. If you need to be creative and for some reason you don’t feel inspired the day you picked to create content, then move it to another day. 

Here’s why you should remember to apply tip number 1; I find it best to plan a week ahead and if the case may be, to swap things around, but at least I know what needs to be done to move forward and grow my business.

Ladies, you can get sidetracked online trying to multi-task once again, “I’ll leave a comment in this post”, “Let me check if there’s something new going on on Pinterest”, etc, etc, etc…and once again, you’ll forget what you were supposed to do in the first place.

3- Perfection is a MYTH!

No one is perfect, not even us, as much as we would like to be…we can’t do it all, and we shouldn’t either. We don’t expect others to be perfect and do it all, so why be so harsh on yourself, you’re only human after all.

If you have the luxury to delegate, then please do… Hire someone to do the house chores, or bribe your kids to do it. LOL. And if you can’t, schedule that in as well, do the house chores at specific times, and if you can’t get everything done…so be it! The world is not going to end if you left some dishes in the sink.

And always find time for yourself… Building a business requires 20% strategies and 80% mindset work, so if you don’t look after yourself first, there’s little left to give to your business and your loved ones.

Be present in the  moment, give your full dedication, love and focus; that includes when you’re spending time with your loved ones; working on yourself, your business or even doing house work… BE ALWAYS PRESENT, you don’t want to miss a thing because you’re cluttering your mind with things that are out of your control.

You’ve got this Queen.

Meet The Author:

Maria C. Krause is a Mindset and Business Coach who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs develop their unique skills and superpowers and create an authentic marketing strategy for their business.

Maria’s passion to help others originated  from her own experience in life and business; through her constant effort to better herself as a woman and female entrepreneur, she now helps new entrepreneurs to get more clarity, focus and direction on their business and lives.

Maria is a passionate writer, reader and listener; her passion has guided her to start her own online magazine and podcast, Unchain Your Inner Strength and The Rising Soulpreneur. Through these platforms, Maria and her team of collaborators, encourage women from all around the world to start believing in themselves and create a life and business that they love.

Maria’s mantra is “My inner strength is my Freedom” which is tattooed on her left arm, to remind herself everyday that she has the strength to do whatever she sets her mind and soul to… And YOU CAN TOO!

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