Have you ever noticed that sometimes you see people in your newsfeed or in your inbox again and again and again.  Then you see others pop in periodically and disappear for periods of time?  Why is that?  Why do some people feel like they are always getting started in business while others are always in your face? 

Well, there are a couple of reasons for this:

Some believe they have to be IN YOUR FACE in order to succeed in their and others take a very laid back approach. Me, I’m a far more laid back approach type of person. I prefer to passively chat and converse and share, etc. To some it may seem like I’m just getting started in business, but to those who are my IDEAL clients, they know how it is.  I’m also a MASSIVE Introvert in business. YES, Introverts can run wildly successful businesses. 

Is One Approach Better Than Another?

Honestly, I have never found there to be one better approach than another. I’ve talked to a number of business owners, in both categories, and they agree that they don’t feel one approach is better than the other. Personally I don’t like businesses who are CONSTANTLY hounding you, looking for your business, telling you when they sneeze just to keep you in the loop.  It has always reminded me of being at a car dealership lot. You know, where the men just SWARM you and follow you around giving you details you never asked for.  

So long as you are showing up consistently, even if it’s sporadically consistent, you’ll succeed. You show up so that your audience still knows who you are and what you are trying to do.  When you show up provide HIGH value, lots of engaging content, and make contact with those who follow you. If you want to know how to create HIGH value and engaging content then you need to check out Content Is Cash Academy!

Where do people go when they go quiet?

I get asked this a lot! In business you will go through cycles: sharing, pitching, working.  I spend a LOT of time in the working phase. I dive head first into my clients and their businesses.  When I work with someone 1:1 they get my full and undivided attention so that they can see success and feel as they are succeeding. 

What that looks like socially? That looks like I’m showing up daily with some sort of engagement or tip share post. It means I’m e-mailing my list bi-weekly or once a month rather than weekly.  That looks like less “buy buy buy” because I am busy busy busy dedicating my clients.  This doesn’t mean that im getting started in business over and over. It simply means that I’m focusing on work in the background. Which, I suppose you all don’t see often enough of those who have “made it”; if you will. 

You don’t see the whole process

You see the glim and glamour but you don’t see the blood, sweat, and many many many tears.  YES, I used that many “many’s” because tears are inevitable my dear.  Tears are especially visible when you are just getting started in business.  Hell, tears happen even when you’re elbow deep into your business!  If someone tries to sell you the “easy road to success” RUN for the hills! 

So, what works?  It ALL works so long as you SHOW UP! Show up IN their face if that’s what feels natural or show up passively, just do whats comfortable.

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