Getting clients.. ugggghhh. We know we need them but how do you get them?  This is a question I hear time and time again, most of the time with exacerbation.  Many of my clients come to me stressed out over getting clients consistently. So I put together the 5 Simple Steps To Getting Clients Easily for them. But today I want to share these steps with you! 

First Step: GIVE Value More Than You Ask For Sales!

Yes, you read that right, you MUST give value more than you ask for sales.  Before you roll your eyes and click away let me tell you something. Youre going to catch more flies with sugar than vinegar right. This applies to potential clients too. Helping others for FREE builds your reputation for going above and beyond.

I dont mean share one piece of advice and call it done. I mean really roll up your sleeves and help people out.  I’ve done this from the beginning. I was mocked for it by those I’ve watched fall off. Yet I am here, fully booked, sharing these tips with you.  Those who mocked giving away free advice are back to working 9-5’s. 

Does this take time? 

YES absolutely. 

Does it build long lasting and RETURNING clients? 


Take the time to build relationships by helping others with your value. 

Second Step: Content Is KEY

You need to stand out among the white noise in your field. In order to be seen as the expert you must say what it is you are sharing in the form of amazing Content. You need to be one hundred percent on who it is you want as an ideal client. Then you’ll speak clearly and purposely to that purpose. Forget the rest and speak solely to your ideal client. 

If you don’t know who it is you’re speaking to you’ll have a hard time attracting clients. Content is CASH in your business. 

Third Step: Set Up A Funnel To Attract Your Ideal Client

Clients come to me often with great ideas, great messages, and no way to get clients and KEEP them.  Set up a system to help guide your clients through your business. This will not only help attract those who really want and need to stick around. But it will also help weed out those who don’t belong. 

You need to set up a funnel that will bring clients in, teach them what it is they need to know, and turn them into full time clients. You NEED a system! 

Fourth Step: Make A Brand For Yourself

Part of getting your content together is creating a brand for yourself.  You want people to take one look at what you share and say “OOOO yea thats XXXX she’s AMAZING!”. Branding goes far beyond your color pallet choice.  

Standing out in your field means being original, being authentic, and being helpful.  Brand yourself in a way that sets you apart from everyone else! 

Fifth Step: Grow Your Referrals List

In order to get clients you need to be able to get referrals. When I work with a client they love working with me, we make a connection, and they see results.  From one single client I can get referrals to set me up each month.  

If you aren’t getting referrals right now be sure that you are ASKING for them.  No, this doesn’t mean you’re sleazy for asking, this means you are confident in your ability and you’d like to help others. 

These 5 Simple Steps To Getting Clients Easily seem simple to read. But they take work and consistency to achieve.  You must did deep, commit to your business, and KNOW that you are worth every potential client that comes your way. 

Don’t forget you CAN say NO to some people. You aren’t meant to work with everyone. You have the ability to stand up for what it is you want in a client relationship and stand by that. Learn to say NO here ->> Say No Without Guilt.

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