Clients, you want more clients, you want to be booked solid each month.  The first thing you need to do is get on more sales calls! How can you get more sales calls without begging strangers to get on a call with you? Simple!   I’m going to show you How to Use Facebook Groups to Book More Sales Calls!

Now, don’t panic. I heard you just now say “But I don’t have a Don’t worry, you don’t need a large following to make this happen. 

When you don’t have a huge following there are things you can do to get more eyes on your content.  You can use other people’s audience to build your own audience.  

NOW, don’t run yet, NO this isn’t a sleazy tactic.  It’s quite respectful when done correctly, so keep reading.

Easy Way To Borrow Other’s Audience


One easy way to get in front of other people’s audience is to post in other facebook groups.  You obviously need to make sure you are following their rules and guidelines for posting and promo.  For instance, In Successful Mom Entrepreneurs I #MommiesOnAMission the group allows promos (of any kind) on Tuesday at 1pm in the promotional thread. 

There is also a Social Media Share Saturday post that you can share any and all social media platforms you’d like to grow.  Outside of those times it is asked that you simply share value to the main page so as to avoid spamming up the feed. Those promo threads, however, never fail to come out each week at their designated time slots. 

So jump into Successful Mom Entrepreneur I #MommiesOnAMission and start promoting your goods and services!


When you are in other’s groups and sharing your knowledge you always want to be sure you are offering value and not coming off as spammy. I highly suggest finding two or three Facebook groups you enjoy hanging out in, where your ideal client is also hanging around in, and start showing up regularly. 

Now, you don’t simply want to hop in and start sharing willy nilly, you’ll want to truly stand out in the group with your high quality and valuable posts.  So let me break down how to stand out among the white noise and start booking sales calls (or whatever kind of call you call it!) 

Sooo, How to Use Facebook Groups to Book More Sales Calls

1. Use A Photo Of Yourself Smiling When You Post! — *The Most Important Step*

Nothing is worse than seeing someone using a stock photo while trying to be authentic.  There is nothing authentic about a stock photo. Sure they can be useful, but they don’t tell me who you are. 

You don’t have to have professional headshots, no you don’t have to have a full face full of face cake, you don’t have to have your hair “did”. Just SMILE! You just need to be smiling!  

The fastest way for a potential lead to connect with you is for them to see who it is they are connecting with. 

2. Grab Their Attention In The First Line

You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention in the world of social media. Take the first step to write an attention grabbing first line.  

Think about what it is that grabs your attention and stops your scroll.  You always have to keep in mind that your ideal client is you, but a few steps behind you.  They are wanting to learn what you have to share because you’ve been where they are now and survived to tell about it. 

You may choose to share:

  • Your income
  • A Quick (one liner) solution to the problem they have- Content Can Be SUPER Simple, Here’s How…
  • A statement about XYZ – “Mom jeans feeling tight this morning aren’t they?” ← wooah what? Were you in my room this morning ….

Just like with any type of content creation you get better at doing this the more times you share. Keep in mind, you have seconds to stop their scroll, what do you want them to see first?

3. Who Do You Want On The Phone & Why Should They Talk To You?

You’ve shown them your pretty face (or your hot mess mom face if you look at some of my photos lol). You have their attention and they are reading what you’re posting.  Now you need to weed out people that are reading. YES, you read that right, I said you need to weed out people you don’t want to jump on a call with. 

When you are talking you want to be very specific to talk to directly to your ideal client.  

To you this might be something along the lines of:

  • “Are you a new mom, wondering what the next steps to regaining your physical and mental confidence might be?”
  • “Hey business coach, Are you looking to stand out on social media but you’re tired of being chained to your device?”
  • “Are you a new entrepreneur who is looking for clarity on what should be on an eye catching website?”

In this question you are narrowing the people who are reading and speaking specifically to your ideal client. Like I said, you don’t simply want to hop on the phone with just anyone.  You don’t want to waste your time or theirs if you already know you’re not a good fit. 

BUT simply asking them to get on a call may not be enticing enough for them to be like “ooooo yea, sign me up”

So you need to tell them WHY it will be worth their time!

Look, I’m a busy mom. I run my business in pockets of time around my kiddo and my families needs/wants.  If I were to jump on a call with every person offering a free call I’d never have dedicated time for working on my own business.  So why should someone jump on the phone with you? What are they going to get from talking to you? 

Clarity, direction, actionable steps, what will they get?

4. Ask Them To Drop “An Emoji/HELL YES/ Yes Please/ More Info” Below To Schedule With You.

Yes, you could simply drop a link and run. BUT you can’t engage with those who might even be the slightest bit interested if you drop and go. 

By asking them to “drop XYZ below” you are “boosting” your “facebook algorithms”. Yes, there are a LOT of “ “ marks.  Algorithms are a crazy thing when it comes to facebook and they are hard to truly judge. BUT we do know that every time someone comments below a post you’ve made it “bumps” your post back to the top of a feed. Bumping your post means more people can see it; even if you’re commenting in a thread. 

The more eyes on your post, the more comments you can get, the more calls you can book, the more clients you can sign… cha chiiiingggg.


Now it’s time to share your info in your favorite groups. Again, I want you to be sure that you are abiding by group guidelines for posting. Some groups allow these types of shares on their main wall, some allow them in threads.  Just be sure to read and follow the rules so you don’t wind up kicked out or blocked. 

If you want a group to start sharing your stuff in NOW head over to Successful Mom Entrepreneurs I #MommiesOnAMission and start sharing your amazingness

Join us here: #MommiesOnAMission 

No, you don’t have to be just a mom to be in our community. We have grandmoms, dog moms, cat moms, the works.  But sorry guys, you do have to be a lady; just house rules!

6. Check Back, Check Back, Check Back

Please don’t get me wrong, there are cases where you jump on a call with someone and they are like ”HELLLL YEAAA, Let’s do this now!!”. But on the whole it takes roughly 90 days, of between 6-7 check backs, for someone to go from a cool lead to a signed client. This is a crucial step in the How to Use Facebook Groups to Book More Sales Calls.

Mini Rant

Now, I’m NOT of the opinion that when you jump on a sales call you should advise someone to take out a credit card/loan/borrow money in order to work with you. I absolutely HATE when coaches are super pushy and trying to guilt you into signing up.  This is my opinion, and I know that my opinion is one not agreed with by many. I have several coach friends who think that people should have to dig deep, into their pockets, in order to succeed. I’m not bashing anyone, but that is not how I feel an authentic business should run. *yes, I’m open to hate on this topic*


When you’re checking back in with people you’re not only furthering your business but you are helping remind them of your previous discussions.  You can check back in with something like “Hey there, how is business going? Are you still interested in getting my help with XYZ to reach the goals we talked about”. 

Now when you check back, I want you to be sure that the XYZ is something specific to your previous conversations.  If they are struggling with weight loss, mention something about that. If they are struggling with some application of their website mention that. In their conversation if they mentioned mindset around XYZ mention that.  

When you are specific to their problem you make a deeper connection and iit is apparent that you truly want to help them.  Remember, your business is NOT about you, it is about helping your clients succeed/have a better life/live a healthier life.


If you want my “GO TO” list of promotion approved Facebook Groups just drop your name and email below!

Tell me, which of these steps are you going to add into your sales call strategy?