So many think facebook groups are dead. In some respect, in the business world, they can seem that way. You have a lot of people posting and running without ever engaging or adding value.  BUT, not every group is dead and you CAN make money with Facebook groups starting today. I’m about to show you how you can Start Making Money with Facebook Groups today.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply log into Facebook, put out some banging content, peace out, and watch the dollas roll in?  Yea, for all those coaches out there promising you that’s how it works… BS. I’m here to tell you that you can, one hundred percent, make a LOT of money online. But it does take some work on your part.  It’s not a one and done kind of deal. Below let’s chat about some proactive steps you can take to start making money with facebook groups today. You can start here in the Successful Mom Entrepreneurs I #MommiesOnAMission Group

5 Steps To Make Money Now

1. KNOW that you CAN make money in Facebook groups

I said it already, but so many people think that facebook groups are dead and useless. 

Here are a few things:

  • Facebook groups don’t work if you don’t work them
  • You have to show up, consistently, to build rapport
  • Be seen as an expert in your field if you’re willing to answer questions

I’ve had a number of my new clients tell me that facebook groups just don’t work for them. That’s 100% true, for them, because before we started to work together they simply showed up now and then to share and leave. There is zero strategy behind their sharing and they are right, groups aren’t working that way. 

If you’re lacking strategy across your business in general take a look at how to Map Out Your Business For Success 

First and foremost you need to deeply and truly believe that you CAN make money using Facebook groups if this process is going to work. 

Next you need to know that you can’t show up willy nilly and expect money. <- Wish that was the case right. You have to be consistent and keep at it.  One week of shares doesn’t get you seen. MONTHS of shares and helping out gets you noticed. 

I would say that more than 85% of my clients have come from Facebook groups.  I would say that 90-95% of most of my clients have connected with their clients via Facebook groups. It can happen for you, you just have to keep reading.

2. Always Show Your Smiling Face To The Crowd

I said this in my blog How To Use Facebook Groups To Book More Sales Calls, but you definitely need to use a photo of yourself smiling when you post! If you’re comfortable using your kiddos with you in your photos DOOOO it.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t a sucker for a cute kid photo! 

When you share your own photo you are helping build an authentic relationship with your ideal audience. In this crazy sea of entrepreneurs there’s a quick and easy way to stand out and be recognized; use your own photos.  Stock photos are great now and then for a blog, sales page, quick email to your already established audience. But when you’re building rapport let your people see your face! 

Before I move on to the next step let me share that you don’t have to have professional headshots, no you don’t have to have a full face full of face cake, you don’t have to have your hair “did”. Just SMILE! You just need to be smiling! 

3. You Don’t Need To Stalk EVERY Like You Get

Entrepreneurs today hear that you simply need to show up, share once a week/every other week, and clients will come running.  


They’ll share a post and then click refresh on their browser again and again wondering if anyone has “liked” or commented on their post.  If they don’t get the traction they want they assume no one is listening. They get discouraged and then they give up disheartened. 

If you want to track stats for business look at the monthly likes/comments on all of your shares.  Yes, this means you are sharing more than once a week and coming back to do it again and again. 

I had a very statistic based coach once and she always wanted to see how many likes/comments/dm’s/calls/etc I was having in a month’s time span. She would break down all sorts of numbers and it was fantastic to my analytical brain.  Something she said once really stuck with me and I want to share it with you.

If you make 5 posts you might get 1 of the things you wanted from those 5 posts

What I mean is:

5 posts in a group would equal 1 sales call

You can’t simply show up once and expect to have instant results. That’s a “fad” some high dollar coaches are toting that you can achieve if you work with them.  What they aren’t telling you is how much work they did to get where they are now.  

If you want to gage how well your posts are doing take a look at how they performed collectively over a months period. No more getting upset over one post with 1 like mmmkay 😉

4. Keep Your Content Simple (Talk To Your Audience Like You’d Be Talking To Your Kid)

NO, this is not insulting, this isn’t meant to “offend” people. Short, simple, and to the point posts stand out.  

I know that you have amazing stuff to share. You have brilliant statistics you’ve gathered and want people to know. There is just so much you can say about XYZ. But too much too fast causes people to scroll on by. I wrote a dissertation for one of my graduate school degrees (yes you heard degree- thats a eye roll worthy conversation for another time).  NO ONE wants to read a dissertation even if it’s full of the best content. 

Your ideal client is already crazy busy, scratching her mind trying to look fast through groups to find “the secret”. Maybe she’s switching the laundry and checking in real quick before she starts folding.  You want the cliff notes version for an elementary school kid for her to read. 

Again, you’re not insulting her intelligence, you’re making things easy for her.  Short, sweet, and to the point, which brings me to our next point.

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5. Have an obvious call to action

What is the point of what you’re trying to write? 

  • Do you want X amount of sales calls
  • Is your goal X email sign ups
  • Get X dm’s in your inbox
  • Connect with X new clients

Having specific number goals help you accurately measure what goal it is you’re after.  

Simply saying:

  • I want more eyes on my content
  • Get myself out there 
  • Increase my following
  • Boost my engagement

-> None of these are statistically measurable <–

When you decide what your particular goal is you can then narrow down your specific Call To Action.

Another call to action tip: Put your call to action at the end of your post and TELL your ideal client what it is they need to do. 

Some ideas for this would be:

  • Send me a DM now to get started today!
  • What are your thoughts? Comment below and let me know!
  • Comment ME below to jump on a free call! 
  • Drop your favorite GIF below for more details! (this one is my favorite because I love seeing fun GIF’s)

You get the idea, you can create any kind of CTA, you just need to be very direct about it.  People want to be told what to do. Remember, you are taking the guesswork out of the process for your ideal client.

Now, Start Making Money with Facebook Groups!  

As you can see, the process does not have to be difficult. You can make it fun if you really want to.  The biggest keys are CONSISTENCY wins over everything.

If you want my “GO TO” list of promotion approved Facebook Groups just drop your name and email below!

Tell me, which of these steps are you going to add into your Facebook group strategy?