I very much LOVE me a good Facebook group, especially mine – Successful Mom Entrepreneur I #MommiesOnAMission.  It’s one of my favorite ways to grow my business and make genuine connections with other bad A mompreneurs. Since Facebook groups seem to still terrify some of the clients I just signed I wanted to share 13 Easy Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group For Free. 

I love growing my Facebook group and growing my email list. These two things are the foundations of my business. I’m also head over heels about my blog, but I don’t have to tell you that, you’re already here 😉.

“How Do I Find The RIGHT People To Join My Group”

But this is something heard often. So, below you’ll find 13 places where you can promote your Facebook group invitation and it’s seen by your ideal audience. 

13 Easy Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group For Free

Let me start by saying ADD YOUR LINK EVERYWHERE 😉!

First Invite Place- Personal Facebook Profile

Now, I’m not a big fan of talking business on my personal page.  While I do personally have a public personal profile it is mostly used for my family posts, homeschooling posts, funny photos and such.  That being said I do have all of my links and banners pointing new followers to my business in some capacity. 

Below you’ll see some places on your personal page where you can showcase your group and still keep your personal page. .. Well… personal.


You can create a banner that showcases  “all the things”. Or you can simply put up a banner with your group name on it.  Once you’ve added a banner be sure to add a link to your group in the description.

When the banner is clicked


This section is helpful for when you start engaging in groups, that aren’t your own. If you begin to get new followers/friends. They are going to come and check out your personal page.  We all love to do a quick stalk of one another, don’t try and deny it. Be sure that in your intro/bio section you have a link to your group.  For me I have a few links as I run a few different things. But, requests come daily from people who say they found the group on my personal page!


Make your featured image spot all about your group. I just made a custom image on Canva and added it to the featured spot.  It shows the name of my group and when clicked links to the Group.  Here is a marketing tip, giving people one call to action is better than multiple. When people have more than one option, most of the time they don’t choose any.

Second Invite Place-Facebook Business Page

On your page, you have several ways you can invite people into your group. Check out three favorite ways below!


Just as your personal profile, your header image can be used to show case and offer a link to your group in the image description. I find it super helpful to DRAW ATTENTION to the fact that I want people to CLICK for more details. Again, giving them a call to action- HERE, DO THIS!.  


A regular business page is set up so that the blue button will automatically show “visit website”.  You can go in and change that option and invite people to your group. Just add the web address of your group and BAM, invite them with ease!


If you go to your business page setting you can add your group under the community option.  This allows people to check out your group. They can join from the community page. There’s also a way to show related friends who are in the group.


You can make a post inviting people to your group and pin it to the very top of your page. For me I reserve my pinned posts for “hot topics” “sales posts” or simply something I want new visitors to know before diving into business. Yes, they can learn this from the group. But I am personally very active on my business page, so this works best for me. This can, however, be a very useful tool for inviting people to your group!

Third Invite Place-Your Website


When you set up your website you should have MULTIPLE ways for people to be able to connect with you.  An easy way to do this is to add a facebook icon and redirect them to your FB Group. You can also do the same in your footer (not pictured).  You can add a pop up sidebar through plugins with more social media follow options. I also personally include my facebook group invite on my contact page!


Whenever I write a blog I like to also include an invite into my Facebook group. My target audience is a mom looking to start, run, or scale their business. What better way to get continued support than through a Mompreneur business group like, well, Successful Mom Entrepreneur I #MommiesOnAMission

You can check out Start Making Money With Facebook Groups<- Here

Fourth Invite Place- Pinterest


Just like with Facebook Business pages or personal page, you can invite people to your group directly in the bio section of your Pinterest profile. I don’t currently do this anymore. There was a time where I used my Pinterest bio to redirect people to my group. But I have found, personally, that I get more in my group from redirecting them to my website first.  You may not find this the case, but here is where you can add your FB group link should you want to!


When you create a board that relates to your group you would add a description to that Pinterest board and then add an invite link below! 

Fourth Invite Place- YouTube

1. ABOUT SECTION- This is just like every other info section listed above. With YouTube there is a specific “about” section outside of the video area.  Here I add a number of links, but my facebook group is towards the top of the group. 

2. UNDER VIDEOS– Under each of my YouTube videos I add a way for a new video watcher’s to come and follow/join my group/social media platforms. This is a video released just 30 minutes ago with all important info below!


Are you ready to grow your own Facebook group? Trying to grow your own audience and make sales using Facebook groups? I share lots of tips and tricks on how to get clients inside of my group Successful Mom Entrepreneur I #MommiesOnAMission  – Click the link and I can’t wait to see you inside!

If you want my “GO TO” list of promotion approved Facebook Groups just drop your name and email below!

Tell me, which of these places you’re going to add your Facebook group invite!

Tell Me where you already invite people!