These are some strange times that we are in. I’m not here to get into politics. I’m not here to give you my personal opinions on what or why this is all happening. I’m simply here today to tell you that the momma’s I work with are hurting emotionally for the world. I am also saddened by what all is happening and want to help. This past week I’ve been asked for different ways to make money at home. Below I list out 113 Ways To Make Money While At Home.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know who I am and what I do. If you’re new here welcome and let me take a millisecond to tell you who I am. I’m Lauren Kidd. I am a Business and Success Coach For the Busy Mompreneur. I teach moms how to start, run, and scale their online businesses while being present in their kids lives. 

Normally I’d have some philosophical wisdom to impart on you during the first part of my blog. But really I was just called this week to share this impromptu list with you. Please feel free to share this with someone you know who may need to see this list! We are all here for each other right now and we should be doing our part to help one another!

In no “special” order here is a list of 113 Ways To Make Money While At Home.  If some of them confuse you or you need help knowing how to get started with any of them PLEASE shoot me a message ( HERE ) and i’d be happy to point you in the right direction!

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113 Ways To Make Money While At Home

  1. Edit other peoples photos 
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Web Designer (This is someone I know and adore who would be happy to help you get started) 
  4. Build Custom Fishing Rods (This is what my husband. We are willing to chat and help anyone interested in doing this)
  5. Network marketing/MLM businesses 
  6. Sell lesson plans
  7. Sell activities for kids to do while home 
  8. Edit videos for others
  9. Do voice overs
  10. Online coaching
  11. Sell online courses
  12. Proofread
  13. Design slides 
  14. Design links for websites 
  15. Start an etsy account/ Sell Homemade Items (This is someone I know and adore who would be happy to help you get started) 
  16. Email managers
  17. Become a virtual assistant (This is someone I know and adore who would be happy to help you get started) 
  18. OBM
  19. Teach English online (This is a VIPKid Recommendation. I’ve done this so if you have question or want to know how to get started AND bookings please reach out!)
  20. Teach music online
  21. Resell books you have and no longer want
  22. Do online surveys
  23. Customers service for companies (amazon, discover, etc)
  24. Help influencers On IG
  25. Sell Art
  26. SEO Expert
  27. Virtual accounting  (This is someone I know and adore who would be happy to help you get started) 
  28. Resume editor 
  29. Youtube Video editor 
  30. Data Entry 
  31. Medical Billing
  32. Sell digital products (PDF’s, training videos, tutorials)
  33. Data Coding 
  34. Internet security
  35. Market Research
  36. Project manager 
  37. Manage Websites (This is someone I know and adore who would be happy to help you get started) 
  38. Product Description writer 
  39. Copywriter
  40. Content writer for blogs
  41. Create infographics 
  42. Brand designer
  43. Fivver work
  44. Brand Ambassador 
  45. Coupon websites 
  46. Enter contests
  47. Review Products
  48. Write & Sell Books On Websites
  49. Create & Sell Instructional Videos
  50. Create Apps/Website Plugins
  51. Design and List T-shirts for sale
  52. Care (.com)
  53. Instacart
  54. Other Food delivery services
  55. Uber
  56. Lyft
  57. Rent Out Your Car 
  58. Help Students look for scholarships
  59. Online Tutoring 
  60. Help Students fill out college applications
  61. Review Websites 
  62. Create Logos
  63. Online clothing shopper
  64. Digital Mystery Shopper 
  65. Review social media plans for influencers
  66. Create a Shopify Page and sell
  67. Consult doing what you know (home births, social media, accounting, etc)
  68. Sell Your Photography
  69. Digital Bookkeeping
  70. Pinterest Management 
  71. IG management 
  72. Fb Group Management 
  73. Drop Shipping 
  74. Review music 
  75. Do cold calling for other entrepreneurs 
  76. Affiliate market for other businesses  ( I offer affiliate links to almost every program I sell. I’d be happy to share the wealth!)
  77. Become a blog commenter for bloggers
  78. Personal Assistant
  79. Sell social media templates
  80. Digital gaming tournaments
  81. Virtual dance instructor 
  82. Sell on eBay
  83. Start a blog and monetize 
  84. Watch movie previews, YouTube, and like videos
  85. Test websites
  86. Online travel agent
  87. Take part in an online focus group
  88. Technical freelancing
  89. Find Programing bugs
  90. Online Proofreading
  91. Online Transcription Work
  92. Start A YouTube Channel
  93. Online Translation Services
  94. Online American Sign Language Translation
  95. Calligraphy And Penmanship tutorials
  96. Calligraphy And Penmanship sell your work
  97. Create And Sell Stationary
  98. Sew and sell safety masks 
  99. Launch A Podcast
  100. Start A Home Daycare  (many parents still have to show up for work)
  101. Start A Doggy Daycare (some people still need fido care)
  102. Online Personal Trainer
  103. Online Yoga Instructor
  104. Do Micro-Tasks On Amazon Mechanical Turk
  105. Create Meal Prep Guide For others
  106. Become a DJ
  107. Share home hair care tutorials 
  108. Interior designer 
  109. Schedule blogs for business owners 
  110. Reach out to business owners and ask if they have affiliate options 
  111. Hold school classes for kids online (via zoom)
  112. Organize meetings for business owners
  113. Make and sell Sanitizer

Above I’ve linked some people who I know personally who would be HAPPY to share their knowledge on how to get started with certain jobs with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them, like I said, we’re all here for each other right now!

If you are simply overwhelmed, lost, or need directions PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Best of health to you and your families💙.

Also- For those of you who are looking for payout sooner, I offer affiliate commisions on almost all of my courses. If you are looking to share and people sign up with your link you can make a comission from my sales :-). I’m all about sharing! 

Shoot me a message if you want details on this 🙂